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Neighborhood Watch Crime Facts

Burglary and thefts from auto's are the most prevalent neighborhood crimes

Household burglary is one of the easiest crimes to commit and to prevent

Most home burglars are young amateurs looking for easy targets

Statistics show that in over one-half of househould burglaries, there was no forced entry involved

A majority of household burglaries occur during daylight hours

Neighborhood Watch 

What is Neighborhood Watch and how does it work?

Neighborhood Watch groups, the foundation of community crime prevention, were created to encourage citizen involvement in preventing residential crime. Involved neighbors report suspicious activities to the Lane County Sheriff's Office; members watch out for their neighbors either through observing from their homes or through patrols.  Patrols may be foot patrols or vehicle patrols. Neighborhood Watch educates participants in the principles of deterrence, delay, and detection. The program depends on a communication network organized with three levels of participants - the resident, watch leaders, and the Sheriff's Office.

Neighborhood Watch is a proven crime-reduction program, and like any self-help program, its success depends upon you and your neighbor.

Neighborhood Watch does not condone vigilante actions.

No one is asked to take personal risks.

How do I organize a Neighborhood Watch Program?

Where can my Neighborhood Watch group purchase signs for our neighborhood?

Signs, magnet, decals, and other Neighborhood Watch items are available at, or click the National Neighborhood Watch Institute link below under Information.

The Sheriff's Office can provide community members who are interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Program with a start-up packet. 

Neighborhood Watch member applications can be found at the bottom of this page.  Each member must submit an application to the Sheriff's Office.