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The Lane County Sheriff's Office provides a wide range of public safety services.

Our team philosophy drives us to provide services that result in a high level of satisfaction to the public while ensuring the safety of our team members.

Police Services Division 

The Mission - The overarching mission of the Police Services Division is to serve by consistently earning public trust in law enforcement, crime prevention, mandated and emergency services, commensurate with the level of resources available.

Police Services Division command is staffed by a captain and an administrative assistant, working in collaboration with section leaders. The commander integrates planning, organizing, leading and controlling functions of the division strategic plan.

Field Services and Special Operations comprise the division.  Each manager is responsible for the unit direction and leadership coordinated through the Police Services Division.

Fiscal Year 2014-15 Objectives

•  Ensure that police service enterprises address identified community needs and priorities.
•  Work to ensure sustainable funding.
•  Ensure fiscal responsibility.
•  Improve management excellence.
•  Ensure professional standards.
•  Build personal accountability.
•  Expand community relationships.
•  Enhance provider agency relationships.