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Marine Patrol 

The Lane County Sheriff's Office covers an area of 4,620 square miles. Within the county's jurisdiction are over 40 lakes, five navigable rivers & streams, and coastal waters in the Pacific Ocean reaching out three miles that border the 32 mile long county coastline. Lane County Sheriff's Marine deputies are certified law enforcement patrol deputies. They receive additional training and certification as Marine Law Enforcement Officers by attending special training academies conducted by the State Marine Board.

Lane County's Marine Patrol consists of three full-time, year-round certified marine deputies. Additional trained deputies augment the patrol in times of  need such as holiday weekends, special events and during contingencies such as flood rescue. Every boat operated on state waters is required to carry basic safety equipment.

Marine patrol deputies are trained in conducting investigations of marine related crimes including theft, fraud, accidents, assaults, marine burglaries, crimes and violations involving operational "rules of the road", as well as other crimes involving the marine environment.

Marine patrol deputies conduct both on the water and off the water boating safety exams to ensure minimal compliance with boating safety laws and regulations. Upon completion of the boating safety exam, the boater who's boat passes the exam is issued a decal to display on the boat showing that the safety requirements have been met.

Other marine safety enforcement officers statewide recognize the decal as an indication that the boat has already been checked and found in compliance for safety equipment. In most cases, the boat will not be stopped again during that calendar year for a safety compliance check. Boats contacted while underway that do not meet the basic requirements are subject to being issued a citation.

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Boater Equivalency Exams are held on the second Tuesday of each month at
6:30 p.m. at Sheriff's Office headquarters in the Eugene Courthouse located at
125 E 8th Avenue, Room 175. 

Telephone pre-registration is required.