3000 Forks, 1500 Knives, and 1200 Spoons Reduce Waste at the Whitaker Dinner 

Contact: Lane County Master Recycler Coordinator Kelly Bell, 541-682-2059


This year’s Whitaker Community Thanksgiving Dinner will be a little different from years past. Volunteers with Lane County’s Master Recycler program have been busy collecting cutlery that can be reused rather than thrown away after the event. Last month, volunteers reached their target of 3000 forks, 1500 knives, and 1200 spoons for the event.


“This has been an incredible effort from many of our great Master Recycler volunteers—we could not have made this happen without their support,” said Kelly Bell, Lane County Master Recycler coordinator.


Over the years, the Whitaker dinner has steadily reduced the amount of material discarded from the event. In 2007, 4 cubic yards were discarded to local landfills. In 2012, volunteer crews reduced the material discarded to less than 1 cubic yard. Reusable cutler has been used in the past, but never to this extent. The event serves over 2000 guests and volunteers annually.