County Releases Investigation Report Regarding Former Administrator 

For Immediate Release 09/26/13

County Releases Investigation Report Regarding Former Administrator

Contact: Lane County Public Information Officer Anne Marie Levis, 541-915-4659

Today, Lane County released the investigation report regarding the actions of former Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson. The investigation focused on the sale of Time Management compensation in excess of what was allowed by county policy. After review of the report in August, the Lane County Board of Commissioners terminated Richardson’s contract for cause.

Following concerns about Ms. Richardson’s sale of Time Management, the Lane County Board of Commissioners directed County Counsel to hire an outside firm to investigate the concerns. The investigation was conducted by Greg Olson of USO Consulting and Investigations.

Key Findings from the report:

- Richardson was sold amounts of TM in excess of the policy for non-represented employees. The July 26th, 2013 pay stub shows she was paid for 225.17 hours of TM so far this year that amounts to $16493.67. The amount she was entitled to was 80 hours under the APM Chapter 3

- Richardson was untruthful in the email to Lane County Commissioners that she just became aware she had exceeded the limit on July 22nd, 2013. She was aware of it June 20th, 2013 in an email where she was asked if she wanted to keep selling her TM since she had increased the 200 hour limit. Her response to that email was “Go ahead and keep doing the sales. Thanks!”

- Richardson used her position to go beyond the APM limits to sell her time management to help her increase her salary and was planning to do the same in the 2013-14 budget with an increased amount. During this investigation, she made untruthful statements about this.

The report has been redacted by County Counsel to ensure the confidentiality of employees interviewed during the investigation. The employees are entitled to anonymity under Oregon law.

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