Four Commissioners Donate Office Funds to Egan Warming Center 

Contacts: Lane County Public Information Officer Anne Marie Levis, 541-915-4659

Four Lane County Commissioners are donating a total of $4,000 from funds allocated from their personal office budgets to the Egan Warming Centers to help the homeless population stay warm.

The commissioners, Sid Leiken, Jay Bozievich, Pat Farr, and Faye Stewart, are each donating $1,000. The funds will help St. Vincent DePaul, which runs the Egan Warming Centers, operate the centers.

“Each of us are working to make sure the homeless and less fortunate in our community are taken care of during the harsh winter,” said Commissioner Bozievich. “We are looking at all of our possible options to support and provide services for those with no other place to go.”

“During this extreme cold snap, it is urgent that we ensure homeless people have a place to escape the freezing temperatures,” said Commissioner Farr.

“All residents need to have a place to stay warm, and this helps support that mission,” said Commissioner Stewart.

“In 2008, we had a sad reminder of the dangers of cold weather to our homeless population,” said Commissioner Leiken. “This money will help make sure we don’t have another tragedy.”

Commissioners have also been actively working with EWEB and other government agencies to expand the reach of the warming centers. The centers are named after Thomas Egan, a homeless veteran who froze to death in 2008.