Goshen Sewer Feasibility Study Grant Award 

Contact: Lane County Public Information Officer Anne Marie Levis, 541-915-4659


Lane County received a $20,000 grant to conduct a sewer feasibility study in Goshen. The grant from the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development will fund part of the Goshen Region Employment and Transition plan, GREAT, established by the Board of County Commissioners to develop Goshen’s industrial land.


“This is an important step to develop the Goshen area as a place for manufacturing and bring more jobs to Lane County,” said Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart.


“This grant is an opportunity for us to advance the GREAT plan and attract traded-sector manufacturing companies that need more space,” said Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart. “This an important step to create new, well-paying jobs with benefits in our area.”


The GREAT plan is part of a broader effort to increase employment in the Goshen area just south of Eugene. Lane County is adding to its inventory of industrial land available for development. Manufacturing is a major contributor to the local economy, with over $220 million in annual wages in Lane County.


“The Economic Development Division is committed to helping create a business climate that enhances our economic base to ensure quality of life standards for our citizens,” said Glenda Poling, head of Lane County’s Economic Development Division. “The GREAT plan is an important part of helping revive and grow our local economy.”


The project was selected from among 43 project proposals submitted to the State. Currently, 316 acres of industrial land in the Goshen area are on individual septic systems. The feasibility study will look at moving this acreage onto a sewer system that can properly accommodate the increase in wastewater as the area is developed. The County will provide a local match from economic development funds to administer the grant.