Love to Shop? Choose Re-Used 

Contact: Lane County Master Recycler Coordinator Kelly Bell, 541-682-2059

Do you love finding the perfect gift for the holidays? Are you concerned about the waste from all of the new products on store shelves this holiday season? Choosing gently used gifts reduces waste and saves money.

Find that perfect present from a thrift store filled with gently used treasures instead of the flashy new product on big-box store shelves. It takes more thought to give used instead of catching that latest trend. Show your friends and family you are thinking not just about their shoe size, but their carbon and energy footprint when you buy. Getting gifts from local thrift shops and second-hand stores avoids the additional natural resources and energy needed to make something new. Buying gently used items reduces waste by keeping perfectly usable items out of our landfills.

So take on the challenge and find that perfect shirt, dress, or knickknack someone else no longer wants. You may find that perfect treasure on a thrift store shelf near you.

About the Waste Free Holidays Campaign

Each year at this time Master Recyclers invite community members to celebrate the season of giving by reducing, reusing and recycling waste that is typically generated at the holidays. The Waste Free Holidays Campaign highlights several fun, low cost and simple waste prevention strategies families can use from Thanksgiving through the New Year - or any time of year! Visit to view Waste Free Holiday tips and resources you can use to help create a truly enjoyable season. New items are added throughout the season so check back periodically for inspiration and announcements of waste free events in our area.

About the Lane County Master Recycler Program

Master Recyclers bridge the gap between awareness and action by motivating people to reduce solid waste at home, work, and play. Lane County Master Recycler Volunteers provide more than 2000 hours of waste prevention education to residents, businesses and events each year. Go to: to learn more.