New Commissioner Search Mapping Application 

Contact: Melissa Crane, Geographic Information Systems Manager: 541-682-6950

Lane County GIS is pleased to announce the release of our new Commissioner Search mapping application.  This application provides a report, based on a given address, indicating the Commissioner and other elected officials, whether the address is inside or outside of city limits or an urban growth boundary, as well as the school district and particular schools for that area.  Links are provided in the report and application to websites of each elected official, schools, and school districts.  The application also includes an interactive map displaying the boundaries of each district for the various elected positions.

In addition, the application provides the ability to search for a particular school or school district and shows the school boundaries on a map.  This allows you to see the school attendance area of a particular school in case you are interested in moving to another part of town and would like your child to attend a particular school.

You can access the Commissioner Search mapping application as well as our other applications here.  For your convenience, a Quick Start Guide and Application Tutorial are available from the Help menu of the application.

Lane County GIS will also host a training session on our mapping applications on December 18 from  2:00 – 4:00 PM.  The cost of the training is $30.00 per person.  Please contact Melissa Crane at (541) 682.6950 or to register for the training session.  Space is limited, so sign up today!