New Sweet Creek Bridge Opening to Traffic 
Sweet Creek Bridge 
Sweet Creek Bridge

Contact: Dave Brown, Construction Services Manager,  541.682.6994

Construction work began in August 2012 on replacement of the failing Sweet Creek Road retaining wall and after nine long months, the work is nearing completion. Only the installation of plants and completion of the restoration work along the river bank remain. All work on the project will be completed before the end of the month.  Beginning on Friday, April 19th, Sweet Creek Road will be open to two-way traffic for the first time in over three years. At that time the temporary signal will be shutoff and removed. However, motorists should anticipate that the weekday hourly road closures will remain in effect until the end of April.


Construction was expected to be complete in December of this year, but due to our Contractors’ accelerated construction schedule the project is being completed eight months ahead of schedule. West Coast Contractors, along with their entire team of subcontractors and suppliers are to be commended for delivering an outstanding project to the citizens of Lane County.


Sweet Creek Road is a vital transportation link between State Route 126 and large tracts of public and private forest lands, including 30,000 acres of National Forest System Lands where approximately 5 million board feet of timber is harvested annually. The road also provides the only all-season access route to 68 homes. The County secured a grant from the Federal Highway Administration through the Western Federal Lands Highway Division (WFLHD) for this project. WFLHD has paid $5,865,200 of the costs of this $6,300,000 project, with the remaining coming from the county’s Road Fund.



Below are some facts as they relate to the new Sweet Creek Bridge:

  • Length - 1,130 feet
  • Width - 28 feet wide with two 11 foot wide travel lanes
  • 15 Span Bridge with 16 Bents
  • Constructed installing 105 four foot wide precast prestressed concrete slabs, varying in length from 50 feet to 81 feet.
  • Installed on 64 concrete filled steel pipe piles
  • Piles were drilled 15 feet deep into bedrock, with some of the piles extending more than 30 feet below the bed of the Siuslaw River
  • Constructed by West Coast Contractors from Coos Bay
  • Designed by OBEC Consulting Engineers from Eugene
  • Construction Costs totaled $5,050,000 - approximately 7% over the original bid
  • Design Engineering and Administration Costs - $1,300,000
  • Funded primarily from a $5,865,200 grant from the Federal Highway Administration through the Federal Lands Highway Division.
  • The storm water from the bridge is collected and treated in a Bio-Retention Pond before flowing into the Siuslaw River
  • The bridge started out as being only 243 feet long and was expanded during construction due to unanticipated depth of bedrock
  • The bridge is actually an elevated roadway as it does not cross over any bodies of water
  • The new bridge is now the longest bridge on the County’s road system bridge is the longest bridge on the County's road system.