Road Report: Week of July 20, 2014 
Major road construction is scheduled for the week of July 20, weather permitting. Use caution in work zones and obey traffic control signage and flaggers. Links to additional project information can be found at


1st Avenue W. (Van Buren St. to Washington St.): Work begins 7 a.m. Monday for excavation and pouring of concrete for new sidewalk ramps at intersections. Minimal traffic impact is expected but watch for lane shifts.

13th Avenue W. (Garfield St. to Polk St.): Work resumes Monday in this phase, beginning with reconstructing sidewalk ramps and curb and gutter. Expect lane and parking closures around the work.

30th Avenue E. (at University St): Contractor will continue work on new sidewalk access ramps and electrical work. Expect sidewalk closures and lane restrictions. Watch for construction traffic.

43rd Avenue E. (Dillard Rd. to N. Shasta Loop): Contractor will be reconstructing sidewalk ramps at various intersections. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers during work hours.

Amazon Parkway (24th Ave. to 27th Ave.): Contractor will continue work near 24th Place. Expect periodic lane restrictions and watch for construction traffic.

Broadway E. (Pearl St. to Franklin Blvd.): On Monday westbound lanes will be closed between Mill and High streets while a short segment of roadway is reconstructed. All lanes will be open on Tuesday. Top lift paving of the entire segment from Mill to Pearl Street is scheduled for the first part of August.

Coburg Road (Ferry Street Bridge to railroad crossing overpass): Work will continue this Friday, with the third lane being replaced with concrete. Lane closures will be in place from 7 p.m. Friday evening through the weekend. All four lanes will be open to traffic on Monday morning by 6:15 a.m. Traffic control will change during the weekend work so drivers should pay close attention to the construction signs and cones and watch for trucks and workers. Expect some congestion and plan to use alternate routes: I-105 at Washington and Jefferson Street or Franklin Boulevard east to I-5 and Springfield.

Fern Ridge Multi-Use Path (Chambers St. to Hayes St.): The portion of the path through Garfield Park is closed for an extended period of time to allow trucks and equipment to access the Amazon Creek Stabilization and Enhancement project. Cyclists and pedestrians are detoured onto 15th Avenue between Chambers and Garfield streets.

Firland Boulevard (Spring Blvd. to N. Shasta Loop): Contractor will be performing full-depth reclamation work by rototilling cement slurry into the existing road. Firland Boulevard will be closed but street residents may use Agate Street or 43rd Avenue as a detour from Monday morning to Friday evening.

Goodpasture Island Bridge (at Goodpasture Island Rd. and Delta Hwy.): Contractors are constructing roadbeds, bridge foundations, driving piles and installing traffic signal equipment. The construction zone is currently closed to pedestrians. Bicyclists should merge, if comfortable, into the flow of traffic. Bicyclists and pedestrians are encouraged to use the Delta Ponds Bike/Pedestrian Bridge as an alternate route. Currently there are no lane restrictions but expect brief delays, slower traffic and workers/equipment adjacent to the roadways. Watch for large trucks entering and exiting the roadway.

Olive Street (11th Ave. to 13th Ave.): Paving is scheduled for two days in August and can be done one half of the street at a time, while one lane is open for travel. Signage will be placed in advance of the paving work.

Olive Street (between 12th Avenue and 13th Avenue): Street and sidewalks are closed due to apartment building construction. More information can be found at<>

River Road (Maxwell Rd. to Rosetta Ave.): Watch for construction traffic as work continues near Hatton Ave.

Shasta Loop N. (E. 43rd Ave. to Firland Blvd.): Contractor will be reconstructing sidewalk ramps at various intersections and potholing to locate utilities in preparation of subgrade stabilization work. Traffic will be controlled by flaggers during work hours.

City of Eugene Public Works road maintenance, at various locations:
(Schedule may change due to weather.)
Crack Sealing, beginning Monday and continuing through the week. Watch for flaggers. Expect minimal delays.
  • Seneca Street, from Roosevelt Blvd. to W. 11th Ave.
  • Roosevelt Boulevard, from West Chambers St. to Hwy 99
  • City View Street, from W. 11th Ave. to W. 18th Ave.


West Eugene EmX
Project: A temporary lane restriction is expected on Charnelton Street, between West 10th Avenue and West Broadway.


S. 2nd Street (S. ‘A’ St. to S. ‘E’ St.): Construction continues on the replacement of a sanitary sewer pipe. South 2nd from South ‘A’ to South ‘E’ streets are reduced to one way traffic. Be prepared for delays and flaggers directing traffic.

S. Franklin Boulevard in the Glenwood area (from the intersection with Franklin Blvd. to E. 19th Ave.): Construction will begin August 4 on the installation of a new sewer pipe. Both lanes of S. Franklin Boulevard from the intersection with Franklin Boulevard to E. 19th Avenue will be closed. Access to local residences and businesses will be allowed, but expect some delays. Local and business traffic should follow detour signs on Henderson Street and 19th Avenue for access within the closure.


Jasper-Lowell Road, Lowell (at mile post 8.51): A new roof is being installed on the Unity Covered Bridge. There will be up to four (4) two-hour closures during the project, but generally the bridge will remain open to traffic, with traffic controlled by flaggers as necessary. Expect minimal delays.

Layng Road, Cottage Grove (at mile post 0.20 from Mosby Creek Rd.): Mosby Creek covered bridge is closed until September 15 for the rehabilitation project. Traffic should use Row River Road or Mosby Creek Road.

North Fork Siuslaw Road, (Mile post 8.05 on N. Fork Siuslaw Rd., west of Condon Creek Rd.): Traffic will be controlled by flaggers while crews are working on culvert replacement. Delays can occur in flagging areas for up to 20 minutes. A single lane bypass road will be available for use when construction crews are not on site.

Westfir Roads (All roads in Westfir): Construction activity will include paving driveways, placement of shoulder rock, adjustment of manholes and placement of pavement legends. Roads will remain open to traffic but will be controlled by flaggers, as necessary. Expect minimal delays.

Various Roads in the north Springfield area (north Springfield from Gateway St. to 10th St. and from Beltline Rd. to Q St.): Slurry will be applied to existing road surfaces, beginning Tuesday. Roads will be closed from approximately 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Notifications will be distributed to all residents and businesses prior to conducting the road work. Exercise care around the construction activity.

Hayden Bridge Road/Yolanda Avenue: Crack seal crews will be working on Lane County maintained roads surrounding Hayden Bridge Road and Yolanda Avenue between Rose Blossom Drive and 31st Street. Expect minimal delays.

LANE COUNTY CHIPSEAL PROGRAM: Chip seal will be applied depending on weather and materials availability. Watch for flaggers. Expect 15 minute delays or seek alternate routes at these locations:

Blue Mountain School Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 3.20 (Mosby Creek Rd. - ECM)
Allen Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.77 (Blue Mountain School Rd. – End of pavement)

Cloverdale Road Mile Post 11.28 – Mile Post 13.29 (Old Pengra Rd. - ECM)
Wills Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.64 (Entire Road)
Bear Creek Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 3.17 (Cloverdale Rd. - ECM)

Mount Zion Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.65 (Entire Road)
Rattlesnake Road Mile Post 1.50 – Mile Post 4.47 (South of Kimball Rd. – Lost Creek Rd.)
Hanna Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.45 (Entire Road)
Kimball Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 0.27 (Rattlesnake Rd. - ECM)

Place Road Mile Post 0.94 – Mile Post 4.49 (Old Pengra Rd. - ECM)
Jasper-Lowell Road Mile Post 3.87 – Mile Post 6.12 (Pengra Rd. – Little Fall Creek Rd.)
Big Fall Creek Road Mile Post 0.00 – Mile Post 2.70 (Jasper-Lowell Rd. – BLM Rd.)