Row River Trail Corridor Plan Approved 

Contacts: Lane County Public Information Officer Anne Marie Levis, 541-915-465; Transportation Planning, Lydia McKinney, 541-682-6930


Lane County has received Federal funding to construct safety improvements at locations where the Row River Trail crosses County roads. These improvements will create a safer corridor for drivers and bicyclists. The safety improvements are identified in the Row River Trail Corridor Plan approved by the Board on October 1, 2013.


“This is a great example of bringing together stakeholders, experts, and Federal funding to make our community safer,” said Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart.


Development of the Plan was prompted by a bicyclist fatality in September 2011 at the Trail crossing at mile post four of Row River Road, the second such fatality at this location since 2007.  Immediately after this tragedy, the County and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) partnered to address trail and road user safety at Trail crossings, an effort that included short-term improvements and development of the Plan to address longer term improvements. Development of the Plan, and the safety improvements, was supported and guided by numerous stakeholders, agencies, and community members who contributed their knowledge and expertise.


The safety improvements include construction of a perpendicular undercrossing at the Trail crossing at mile post four along Row River Road, realignment of the Trail (at-grade) at the Trail crossing at mile post 5.4 along Row River Road, and signage, striping, and lighting improvements at all four locations where the Trail crosses County roads. The Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) grant received by Lane County will fund implementation of the safety improvements. Construction of the improvements is planned for 2015.


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