Update on May 20 Primary Election Results 

The Lane County Elections Office is continuing to count ballots and process election results.

“We understand the closeness of several races in the area and the community’s desire for more information about the election results. The elections staff remains dedicated to ensuring the accuracy of the election and we are working in accordance with our standard processes and Oregon statutes,” said Lane County Clerk Cheryl Betschart. “Over the next few days and weeks, elections staff will be working hard to certify the results. Please remember that the current election results are preliminary until the election is certified, no later than June 9th.”

Lane County elections received a surge of 20,000 ballots yesterday. As of Monday, May 18, Lane County voters had returned 42,847 ballots. The current turnout is 59,652, representing a 29.62% turnout of registered voters.

Candidates or a designated representative can observe, but must follow all rules and instructions from County staff.

Following Election Day, the Lane County Clerk has 20 days to certify the election. The May 20 primary election will be certified no later than June 9, 2014.

The next update will be available at the end of the day on Friday, May 23.