Waste Free Holidays Campaign: Alternative Gift Ideas 

Contact: Kelly Bell, Lane County Master Recycler Program, 541-682-2059 or Kelly.bell@co.lane.or.us


You may have heard of Oprah’s annual list of Favorite Things. Recently we asked Master Recyclers to tell us about the types of presents they enjoy giving and receiving at this time of year and many responded. The result is a list of Master Recyclers’ Favorite Things for 2012.


Gifts made with recycled content

“I was really proud and excited to give my nephew a Recycle Truck made in the USA by Green Toys. These toys are made with 100% recycled milk jugs. Recycled content is one of my purchasing decision criteria.” Master Recycler Sara Vito


Gently used

“I put together craft kits for my nieces and filled them with tools from reuse stores such as St. Vincent de Paul and art supplies from Materials Exchange Center for Community Arts (MECCA).” Master Recycler and Lane County Waste Reduction Specialist Sarah Grimm


Handed down

“My favorite handed-down gift was from my dad.  He is a violin maker and "re-gave" me my first violin. He had completely fixed it up and re-varnished it and re-haired the bow!  I will always have something special from him.” Master Recycler Sarah Fields


“I decided why should the old jewelry wait until I'm gone? So I send a piece to both nieces and my daughter every Christmas and birthday.” Master Recycler Jean Cottel


A lesson or experience

“I’m giving airline tickets for children to visit their favorite Aunt, me!” Master Recycler Sara Vito

“I give yearly membership to the zoo where nieces and nephews live.” Master Recycler Jill Hoyenga


A service or a favor

“Dog sitting” Master Recycler Nina Whitney

“Window washing, wood splitting or yard work,” Master Recycler Corolene Corriea

“A massage or a vehicle wash and wax,” Master Recycler Kristi Bokody


Doing good for others or the planet

“A gift certificate BRING Recycling – great choice for a builder or homeowner,” Master Recycler Emily Horton

“I planted a row of trees on my mother’s property in honor of my dad who recently passed.” Master Recycler Nina Whitney


Handmade gifts and wrap

“I make a treasure box for my family to divvy up. It consists of homemade foods, items I've made out of recycled materials, and things I own but can't use. Children and adults divide up the loot, take what they like and leave the rest. This year I am including jams, jellies and pickles I learned to make as a Master Food Preserver. It's fun to see who ends up with what.” Master Recycler Ruby Colette


“I'm wrapping jars of homemade sauces in cloth with a ribbon tied around the top. In the past I have used magazines and newspapers in foreign languages as gift wrapping. Master Recycler Risa Dotson Eicke


“Everyone loves my homemade fire starters made with egg cartons stuffed with dryer lint and drizzled with melted candle wax.” Master Recycler Amanda Eriksen


For an expanded list of Master Recycler’s Favorite Gifts to Give/Receive go to:  www.lanecounty.org/lessisbest and click on the holiday wreath.


These tips provided by the Waste Free Holidays campaign in partnership with the Lane County Master Recycler Program, BRING Recycling, NextStep Recycling and St Vincent de Paul.


Waste Free Holidays Campaign

Each year at this time Master Recyclers invite community members to celebrate the season of giving by reducing, reusing and recycling waste that is typically generated at the holidays. The Waste Free Holidays Campaign highlights several fun, low cost and simple waste prevention strategies families can use from Thanksgiving through the New Year - or any time of year! Visit www.lanecounty.org/lessisbest to view Waste Free Holiday tips and resources you can use to help create a truly enjoyable season. New items are added throughout the season so check back periodically for inspiration and announcements of waste free events in our area.


Lane County Master Recycler Program

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