Watch Where You Place Your Signs 

Contact: Jennifer Paugh, Lane County Public Works Road Maintenance, 541-682-6905

As the weather warms, Lane County Public Works expects to see an increase of illegally placed signs for garage, estate and yard sales; home for sale signs, home occupations and everything else one can imagine.


It’s also the time Public Works will increase its roadside maintenance activities including mowing, ditching and shoulder work.  Improperly placed signs create hazards for drivers and can interfere with maintenance work.  It’s important for people to remember that these signs impede a driver’s visibility when improperly posted.

Please follow these Guidelines:

  • Signs (garage/yard/estate sales signs, political signs, real estate signs, for rent signs, items for sale or any other signs) should not be placed within Lane County road rights-of-way. In the unincorporated parts of the city that means the planting area between the sidewalk and curb. In the rural areas, it would be from the pavement to the fence (anywhere maintenance vehicles would drive.) Signs placed near a rural road should be placed on private property behind any utility facilities (poles, closures, etc.) or sidewalks.
  • Basketball hoops should be located on private property and not obstruct the vision of people on the road whether motorist, bicycle or pedestrian. Also, please be aware:  Poorly placed basketball hoops can put children in harm’s way by playing too near the road.

If you place a sign illegally, it may be removed by Lane County Public Works. You can be reunited with your sign(s) at 3040 N. Delta Highway within 30 days of removal. But, after 30 days, the sign(s) will be destroyed.

By placing the signs properly, you can avoid unnecessary expense and hassle for yourself, save taxpayer money by saving Public Works personnel from having to handle the signs, and protect your neighbors and visitors from accidents.