December 11, 2002

1:30 p.m.

Commissioners' Conference Room



Commissioner Bill Dwyer presided with Commissioner Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison and Peter Sorenson present.Cindy Weeldreyer was present via telephone. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, Assistant County Counsel Stephen Vorhes and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




a.SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance PA 1185/In the Matter of Adopting Amendments to the Junction City Comprehensive Plan To Redesignate Land From "Professional Technical" to a Mix of "Professional Technical", "Commercial/Residential", "Medium Density Residential", "Low Density Residential", and "Open Space"; to Amend Comprehensive Plan Text; to Adopt a New Land Needs Assessment; and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (File PA 01-6231; Oaklea). (NBA & PM 11/26/02)


Jerry Kendall, Land Management, explained Lane Countyís comprehensive plan and intergovernmental agreement requires that Lane County co-adopt any changes within the urban growth boundary of all the cities except for Eugene and Springfield.He noted that this parcel is 331 acres and has been in the urban growth boundary of Junction City since the early 80ís.He stated that Junction City had done a land needs assessment that showed the need for less industrial land and more commercial and residential land.He noted this property was originally plan designated for professional technical.He noted what was before the Board was the co-adoption of three items: the plan changes to change 331 acres from professional technical to 70 acres of professional technical with a combination of low and medium residential land and one acre of commercial residential land plus the creation of a new open space plan designation to preserve the wetlands and create bike paths and open areas.He added they also had minor plan text changes to the cityís Comprehensive Plan, dealing with changes in the policy to make this project coincide with their zoning ordinances.He noted the city adopted this change by ordinance on June 27, 2001.He said after the County co-adopts this, the plan is to annex all the property, rezoning it to the corresponding zoning according to the Junction City zoning ordinances.He noted that with Goal 12, under the transportation rule, the issues are unresolved.


Lloyd Holtcamp, Public Works, noted as part of the process, the applicant needed to address all the goals. He said the applicantís traffic engineer did that and there were impacts.He said they are working on an agreement to apply for improvements of the street system.He noted they have a covenant that would encumber all of the properties within the area and they would be participating in funding improvements for curbs and modernization.He added the applicantís engineer identified trigger points where they would be analyzed when needed.


Dwyer asked how close they were to resolving the issue.


Vorhes responded they had reached agreement and they were willing to record a covenant that would address the concerns.


Commissioner Dwyer opened up the Public Hearing.


Bill Kloos, P. O. Box 11906, Eugene, stated he represented the applicant.He said they have resolved all problems due to some constructive suggestions by County staff.He said the first step they took was city adoption of the Comprehensive Plan changes for the use of land.He added the County has to adopt the same plan designation.He noted the only substantive issue was what they would do about impacts to County facilities that are running adjacent to the project.He stated there were two issues:how to get Oaklea Drive approved up to city urban standards and as the project develops and more traffic is generated into the intersections, how they figure what improvements are needed and when they get made.He said staff suggested reducing the items to a covenant that would be recorded against the land and the County could adopt plan changes identical to the city.He added that the covenant gets recorded and the landowner performs according to the covenant.He drafted the initial covenant and forwarded it to County Counsel.He said County Counsel made changes and gave it back to them.He said, according to the applicantís perspective, it was ready to be recorded.


Kloos commented that the covenant addresses the improvements to Oaklea Drive.He added as the project develops and adjacent properties are developed, then Oaklea Drive will be improved.He said as new traffic gets generated onto Oaklea and it starts to clutter up intersections, the covenant states that every time they approve something that would generate 300 new trips, they would do a traffic impact study to see what needs to be done.


Kloos said their suggestion was (if the Board agreed) that before next Wednesday the covenant is signed by the property owner to be ready for recording.He asked the Board to make a tentative decision approving the plan change.He added with the covenant being signed and recorded they could adopt the findings of the ordinance next week.He said they would also like to change the findings to reflect how they would resolve the Goal 12 issue.


Dwyer stated that Kendall should work with Kloos on making any changes.


There being no one else signed up to speak, Commissioner Dwyer closed the Public Hearing.


Vorhes suggested leaving the record open until 5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, December 17, 2002 to allow submittal of the signed covenant.


MOTION: to approve a Second Reading and Public Hearing and setting a Third Reading and Deliberation on December 18, 2002 on Ordinance†† PA 1185.


Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED.


VOTE: 5-0.








Green thanked Tanya Heaton for the Performance Management Conference.He thought the conference was well run.He added there were national experts that gave examples of other counties and what other local governments had done.He was encouraged that Lane County is on the right track.


Sorenson thought the meeting with the Board and the Commission on Children and Families was a good experience.He also thought the Performance Counts program was excellent.He reported that he spoke to the Eugene Chamber of Commerce.


Weeldreyer announced she attended the Leadership Summit Meeting in Portland with 1,300 people across government, business and education sectors of Oregon.She explained the information had policy implications for the Lane County Board of Commissioners to try and help Oregon get back on its feet economically.She noted the theme for the conference was Shaping Oregonís Economic Future.She said a plan has been put forth by businesses for growing quality jobs and statewide prosperity.†† She said they discussed some immediate initiatives that were presented to the governor elect: to stabilize public services, financing and budgeting; expanding Oregonís capacity for innovation, refocus economic development; to continue to build a world class K-12 education system; redesign Oregonís investment in post secondary education; expand engineering and computer science education with a goal of doubling the number of undergraduate degrees granted in Oregon for engineering and computer science by the year 2009; achieve higher resource and environmental benefits from forestlands; improve public/private collaboration on forest resource issues; maintain the investment in roads and bridges; improve trade infrastructure, land available for industrial development and other important uses and streamlining and simplifying the permitting process, and to brand and market Oregon more aggressively.


Morrison said one of the biggest issues is land use.She explained the President has released his new steps to restore forest and rangeland health.She noted the rural areas are natural resource dependent.She hoped with Bushís announcement and what was stated in Portland, they could work together in the rural areas.


Morrison announced she participated in the light parade in Junction City and at the Veneta Tree Lighting Ceremony.She reported she was elected to the O & C Board of Directors.She said she would be in the Santa Clara Fire Parade on Saturday.


Dwyer reported the Oregon Business Council had been trying for years to get a sales tax.He noted that large businesses and retailers make money by the collection of a sales tax because they get an administration fee.He stated he was not an advocate for sales tax.He said the government needs to look for another way to tax the people.He expressed his disappointment about the Cities of Eugene and Springfield and their actions.He said that the Springfield City Councilors put the emergency clause in the bill because they were afraid the legislature was going to preempt these taxes.He said it was an excuse to rush this and it deprives people of their constitutional rights.He added it prevents the public from the ability to refer.He said that under state law, the ability to refer requires 10% of the registered voters or 2,471 signatures.He added an initiative is mentioned in the charter and it requires 15% of the votes cast in the last mayoral election.He stated the recourse to the citizens whodidnít like what the council did is to construct an initiative that would repeal the law and amend the charter to prohibit the emergency clause from being attached to taxes and fee bills.He said he plans on gathering signatures and forming a group that would be against unfair taxes and fees.


Morrison announced she would be having a meeting on economic development, land use laws and administrative rules for the business community.


Green commented he was fielding calls from people in the North Eugene District for the City of Eugene.He drafted a letter to express his opposition to the process.He said they use fear as a motivator.He asked whether the language in the ordinance spoke to rescinding the policy if the legislature does not preclude the local options.


Dwyer stated the ability for the County to give money in the road partnership is discretionary and they have no requirement to do it.







ORDER 02-12-11-5/In the Matter of Providing a Defense in the case of Hamilton v. Lane County, et al.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 02-12-11-5.


Green MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 5-0.


There being no further business, Commissioner Dwyer adjourned the meeting at 2:45 p.m.




Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary