July 24, 2002

following HACSA

Commissioners' Conference Room

APPROVED 7/24/02


Commissioner Bill Dwyer presided with Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison and Peter Sorenson present.Cindy Weeldreyer was excused.County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, Assistant County Counsel Marc Kardell and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.


††††††††††† The afternoon meeting will take place in Harris Hall.



††††††††††† Bill Fleenor, Mapleton, stated he is on the Board of Directors of the Central Lincoln Peopleís Utility District.He said they are a PUD working under the statutory rules of ORS 261 and are prohibited from donating money or resources to low-income families.


††††††††††† Fleenor asked Morrison what she would be doing with the raise she would be receiving and why she did not attend the Fair Board meeting.


††††††††††† Morrison responded that at the Fair Board meeting there were only two commissioners present and Weeldreyer was present via telephone.She was not at the Fair Board meeting because she represented Lane County on behalf of Commissioner Green in Salem at an ODOT meeting, where they procured over $18 million for Lane County.She was undecided about what she would do with her raise.She noted that there are monies given to the commissioners to hire a part-time staff person.She had chosen not to do that and put the money back to providing services to Lane County.




††††††††††† None.


†† 4.††††† EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660

††††††††††† None.




a.†††††† ORDER 02-7-24-1/In the Matter of Approving the Oregon Garden Project, Appropriating an Additional $186,312 in Title III Reimbursement, and Authorizing an Agreement.


††††††††† Morrison noted the O & C Counties (dividing up proportionately by dollars) would charge an amount from Lane County every year that would provide transportation for all Lane County schools to the Oregon Gardens.


††††††††† Terry Smith, Analyst, reported that an agreement was negotiated between the Oregon Gardens and Lane County that met all the concerns.He noted there was a supplemental budget request of $26,000 for FY 03.


††††††††† MOTION: to approve ORDER 02-7-24-1.


††††††††† Green MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


††††††††† VOTE: 4-0.




a.†††††† Announcements


††††††††† Van Vactor announced that after the budget was balanced, David Garnick, Budget Analyst, did an update of the financial plan.Next year Lane County will have a deficit in the amount of $150,000, with a deficit of $1.3 million the following year.He stated they had been working at the management analyst level and with Human Resources on strategies to address the pending deficits.


†† 7.††††† PUBLIC WORKS


a.†††††† THIRD READING, SETTING FOURTH READING AND DELIBERATION/Ordinance PA 1174/In the Matter of Amending the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area Transportation Plan (TransPlan) to Include the Entire West Eugene Parkway Within the 20-Year Financially-Constrained Roadway Project List and to Make Related Amendments; Amending the Eugene-Springfield Metropolitan Area General Plan (Metro Plan) and Lane County Rural Comprehensive Plan to Adopt Exceptions to Statewide Planning Goals 3, 4, 11 and 14; and Adopting a Severability Clause (NBA & PM 5/14/02 & 5/29/02).


††††††††† MOTION: to approve the Third Reading and Setting a Fourth Reading and Deliberation on Ordinance PA 1174 on July 31, 2002.


††††††††† Green MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


††††††††† VOTE: 4-0.


b.†††††† THIRD READING, SETTING FOURTH READING AND DELIBERATION/ Ordinance PA 1175/In the Matter of Amending the West Eugene Wetlands Plan to Redesignate Property Within the Modified Project Alignment of the West Eugene Parkway from Protect and Restore to Planned Transportation Corridor (NBA & PM 5/14/02 & 5/29/02).

††††††††† MOTION: to approve a Third Reading and Setting a Fourth Reading and Deliberation on Ordinance PA 1175 on July 31, 2002.


††††††††† Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED.


††††††††† VOTE: 4-0.


c.†††††† REPORT BACK AND ORDER 02-7-24-2/In the Matter of Establishing the Membership Structure and Representation of the Land Management Task Force (NBA & PM 6/26/02).


††††††††† Ollie Snowden, Public Works, reported that on June 26, 2002, the Board agreed to form a Land Management Task Force.The charge was to examine the structure and operation of the Land Management Division.December 2002 was set for the report back.He noted the unresolved issue was the make-up of the task force.He had recommended a small group that included two county commissioners, the county administrator, the planning commission chair, two public at-large, himself and Greta Utecht.He said Sorenson thought they should have an option that didnít include two county commissioners but included representatives from the Lane County Homebuilders Association, Lane County Landwatch, 1000 Friends of Eugene and the Board of Realtors.


††††††††† Snowden stated he originally recommended Option A.He noted that Sorensonís suggestion was Option B.He said they added Option C, which was more specific about the public at-large positions, and they have to identify specific members for those positions.He asked for direction from the Board on the make-up of the committee.


††††††††† Dwyer favored a modified Option B, extending the task force to 11 members including a commissioner at the policy level.


††††††††† Green suggested a representative from the state.


††††††††† Sorenson agreed with Green about a state representative.He suggested someone from the Building Codes Division.He supported Option B.


††††††††† Green suggested advertising for the open public positions.He thought a commissioner should be on the task force. He suggested Morrison for the committee.He requested adding a commissioner and Building Codes Division representative to the task force.


††††††††† MOTION:to move Option B for discussion purposes.


††††††††† Sorenson MOVED, Green SECONDED.


††††††††† Snowden said they have to examine long-range planning to see if that type of program is wanted, and how it gets funded.He noted at last monthís meeting, the Board highlighted four areas:long range planning, permit processing related to building and permit processing, compliance and long range funding.


††††††††† Dwyer said the board order would require a report by a certain time and to sunset the committee once the report is delivered.


††††††††† Sorenson requested being considered for the task force.


††††††††† Dwyer suggested that Morrison and Sorenson serve on the task force in an advisory capacity.He amended the motion to include the addition of two commissioners, a building code division representative, with the commissioners not having voting rights on the committee.


††††††††† VOTE: 4-0.




A.††††† Approval ofMinutes:

February 13, 2002, Regular Meeting, 9:00 a.m.

February 13, 2002, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.

June 4, 2002, Work Session, 9:00 a.m.

July 2, 2002, Regular Meeting, 9:00 a.m.


B.†††††† County Administration


1)†††††† ORDER 02-7-24-3/In the Matter of Awarding a Professional Services Contract for a Financial Advisor to Regional Financial Advisors, Inc. for a Term Expiring June 30, 2005 in an Amount Not to Exceed $75,000 Per Year.


C.††††† Health and Human Services


1)†††††† ORDER 02-7-24-4/In the Matter of Appropriating an Additional $561,678 in Revenue and Expenditures in FY 2002-2003, Fund 286, in the Department of Health and Human Services for Individuals with Developmental Disabilities (CFAA39).


D.††††† Public Works


1)†††††† ORDER 02-7-24-5/In the Matter of Authorizing an Application for a Funding Package From Oregon Economic and Community Development Department For Repair of Various Lane County Park Facilities and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign Grant Application.


MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.


Green MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 4-0.



††††††††††† None.



††††††††††† None.


There being no further business, Commissioner Dwyer adjourned the meeting at 10:10 a.m.




Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary