June 19, 2002

following MWSD

Commissioners' Conference Room

APPROVED 9/17/02


Commissioner Bill Dwyer presided with Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison, Peter Sorenson, and Cindy Weeldreyer present.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Steven Vorhes, and Recording Secretary Daniel Lindstrom were also present.




Commissioner Dwyer announced that Agenda Item #4, Public Comments, would be considered before Agenda Item #2, Commissioners’ Business.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if testimony on matters related to adopting the Budget should be combined with Public Comments.  Commissioner Dwyer replied comments on the Budget should be withheld until the Public Hearing on the Budget.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if testimony on adjusting the salaries of elected officials would be permitted during the Public Hearing on the Budget.  Commissioner Dwyer replied that all such comments would be permitted before action was taken on adopting the Budget.




Glenn Sabin, 81 West 27th Avenue, Eugene, said he believed the proposed adjustments to Board of County Commissioners’ salaries was “obscene.”  He suggested that the salaries of Lane County Commissioners should be one-half that of the Commissioners of Multnomah County.


Chris Horton, 1085 Calvin Street, Eugene, requested that his letter regarding salary increases for Commissioners be “entered into the record.”  He said recent Letters to the Editor in The Register-Guard indicated that there was no public support for the proposed increases.  He said he believed Commissioners were “stealing from the public” when they raised their own salaries and that laws about setting the salary of the Sheriff should be changed.  He said higher pay did not solve the problems of the County.  He said comparing the salaries of Lane County Commissioners with those of other counties was not justification for an increase.  He said Commissioners’ salaries should be adjusted at the same rate as other County employees.  He suggested that Commissioners follow the example of U.S. Representative Peter DeFazio who used Congressional salary increases for public benefit.


Mary Ann Holser, 2620 Cresta de Ruta, Eugene, stated that she was a member of the Lane County Budget Committee and Elected Public Officials Salary Board and that she supported the proposed salary increases for Commissioners.  She said the salaries of Lane County Commissioners were 53rd in a ranking of the salaries of the chief policy-making elected officials of U.S. counties of comparable size and $2,000 to $20,000 lower than the salaries of commissioners in other counties of Oregon.  She said The Register-Guard had previously chided Commissioners for not accepting proposed salary increases.  She said Commissioners made contributions to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS) from their salary, unlike other County employees.  She said high quality persons would be encouraged to run for Commissioner only if salaries were comparable to positions of similar responsibility in the private sector.


Don Leslie, 925 Bobolink, Eugene, reported that Lane County Mental Health Advisory Committee member Michael Rogers had died unexpectedly.  He requested that a certificate of appreciation for his service be prepared for his family.  He said Mr. Rogers had made his views well known and kept members of the Committee “on task.”  He said he appreciated knowing and serving with Mr. Rogers.


Commissioner Dwyer said a certificate would be prepared and that the County would be poorer because of the death of Mr. Rogers.


Natale J. Cooper, 34376 Row River Road, Cottage Grove, said she was opposed to budget reductions for animal control services.  She said she questioned the judgment of Commissioners in giving themselves a salary raise immediately after elections were held.  She reviewed state budget cuts.  She said she had been without a job for a year.  She said taxes in Lane County were the highest in the state.  She encouraged Commissioners to not accept their proposed salary increase.


Diana Robertson 35835 Highway 58, Pleasant Hill, stated that she worked with the Lane County Animal Shelter to rescue adoptable animals.  She said she was disappointed that the proposal to add two staff positions at the shelter had not been included in the budget.  She said it would result in deterioration of animal protection services in unincorporated areas of the County.  She encouraged Commissioners to increase the services, including an aggressive animal licensing program and expansion of its hours of service.


Janetta Overholser, 30300 Cottage Grove-Lorane Road, Cottage Grove, said she was a volunteer with the Lane County Humane Society and Lane County Animal Control.  She said children were bitten by animals and animals were abused in the rural area of the county.  She said that as populations increase, there will be a growing number of animal-related problems, including cock and dog fighting, and that additional animal control officers would be needed to deal with them.


Commissioner Sorenson reported that a Lane County task force had been established to create recommendations to deal with animal control issues.  He noted that Ms. Overholser had applied to serve on the task force.  He said when he served in the state legislature, a law had been enacted making animal abuse a felony.


Scott Bartlett, 1445 East 21st Avenue, Eugene, said he supported the proposed pay raise for County Commissioners.  He said he had served on the Budget Committee for five years and was aware of the reluctance of Commissioners to accept wage increases.  He said Commissioners had an extremely complex job overseeing the needs of a population of 325,000 persons and a $425 million budget.  He said he did not believe Commissioners voting themselves a pay increase was a “political grab” or “keeping up with the Joneses.”  He said 212 other Lane County employees were paid more than the Commissioners.


Brian Bray, 790 Larch Street, Eugene, stated that he was a member of a union and was unemployed.  He said he supported the Commissioners’ pay raise proposal.  He said it was his experience that treating employees badly resulted in poor work being performed.  He said a long-term vision was needed to set a fair compensation for Commissioners.




a.  ORDER 02-6-19-1/In the Matter of Adjusting Salaries of Elected Officials.


David Garnick  stated Commissioners had reviewed the 2002-2003 Lane County Budget at its previous week’s meeting and that no changes had been made to it since.  He said the Budget Committee had recommended adoption of the Budget at its meeting held on May 30, and appropriate notice had been given of the public hearing.  He said Commissioners could make changes to the Budget of up to $5,000 or ten percent if they did not increase taxes.


Commissioner Dwyer opened the public hearing on ORDER 02-6-19-1 and ORDER 02-6-19-2/In the Matter of Adopting the 2002-2003 Lane County Budget Making Appropriations and Levying Taxes.


Fred Hamlin, 29773 Gimpl Hill Road, Eugene, said he endorsed the proposed adjustments to the salaries of elected officials.  He said he believed County Commissioners were in violation of minimum wage laws because of their current salaries and  number of hours worked.  He said, in comparison to the private sector, the pay level of Commissioners was very low for the responsibilities of the job.  He said it was necessary to pay an adequate wage to attract qualified candidates for the job.


Douglas Harcleroad, Lane County District Attorney, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene, , said he supported the recommendations of the Elected Officials Compensation Board, especially those for members of the Board of County Commissioners.  He said Commissioners make tough decisions about what affects peoples’ lives and that it was a “pressure packed” job.  He said raising salaries needed to be done to ensure that qualified persons were attracted to seek the position.  He suggested that salaries were a “dis-satisfier” in that if an employee was not happy with what was paid, good work would not be done.  He said adopting the Budget was ratifying what independent bodies had recommended.  He said a “doctrine of necessity” put the Commissioners into the position of having to approve their own salaries.


James Gangle, Assessment and Taxation Director, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene, , stated  he supported proposed salary increases.  He said the Elected Officials’ Compensation Board had been formed in 1988 and charged with the responsibility of reviewing the compensation of County elected officials.  He said recommendations made did not result from a political process, but from the work of trained professionals.


Jan Clements, Lane County Sheriff, 125 East 8th Avenue, Eugene, said he had attended meetings of the Elected Officials Compensation Board.  He said it was made up of private and public sector human resource experts and that they had looked at both internal, external and market place forces affecting officials’ salaries.  He said failure to accept the recommendations of the Board in the past had led to the current seemingly large salary increase recommendations.


Scott Bartlett, 1445 East 21st Avenue, Eugene, said he appreciated the work of Commissioners on animal control issues, but that “words without action are the assassin of idealism.”  He urged that promises made be fulfilled.


Commissioner Dwyer said he believed improvements needed to be made to County animal control services to provide a “phone call now for a dog without a dime.”


There being no one else wishing to testify, Commissioner Dwyer closed the public hearing.


Greta Utecht, Human Resources Manager, stated that Elected Officials Compensation Board had made its recommendations on May 23.  She said its members looked at internal equity issues for the Sheriff and Appraiser and at internal and external equity issues for the District Attorney and County Commissioners.  She said 212 employees (153 positions) were currently paid more than County Commissioners and that 41 employees would be paid more if the recommendations were accepted.


Ms. Utecht said the Budget Committee had approved the recommendations of the Elected Officials Compensation Board on May 30, with a recommendation that the District Attorney be granted health insurance benefits as long as the Elected Officials’ Compensation Board approved it.  She said the Board had met June 6 and approved the recommendation and recommended that the value of the health insurance benefits be tracked separately from the salary supplement also granted to the District Attorney.


Ms. Utecht stated the Board Order regarding the adjustment of salaries of elected officials was in error regarding the District Attorney.  She distributed corrected copies which showed the recommendation including cost of living adjustments granted to non-represented employees in 2002.


Ms. Utecht reviewed base salary adjustment recommendations made for Lane County Elected Officials, as follows:  Sheriff - $105,707; Assessor - $92,640; District Attorney - No Change; and Board of County Commissioners - $70,000


MOTION:  to adopt Order 02-6-19-1.


Commissioner Sorenson MOVED, Commissioner Green SECONDED.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if elected official salaries had been compared with those of similar responsibility in the private sector.  He also asked if a comparison had been made with the Cost of Living Index over a period of time.


Ms. Utecht stated that the Elected Officials Compensation Board had not compared salaries to positions of similar responsibility because of the difficulty in getting information from the private sector, but that comparisons had been conducted with similar government positions in other areas.  She said salaries of the Board of Commissioners had been compared with the salaries of other counties’ boards and also with Lane County employees.


Ms. Utecht said the Elected Officials Compensation Board had not used Cost of Living Index comparisons in developing its recommendations.


Commissioner Sorenson asked who members of the Elected Officials’ Compensation Board were.  Ms. Utecht replied that it included the human resources managers of the City of Eugene, Jerry’s Home Improvement, Lane Community College, Sony Corporation, and a human resources private consultant.


Commissioner Weeldreyer said she had observed Lane County Commissioners not accept recommended salary increases for the last ten years.  She said they had decided to do so in the best interest of the community. 


Commissioner Weeldreyer said the unmet needs of Lane County and her idealism leads her to oppose proposed salary increases.  She said she supports having Commissioners receive the same increases as other County employees.


Commissioner Morrison said she also would not support the proposed salary increases.  She said she had not voted for increases negotiated with employee unions and did not feel she should vote for increases for elected officials.


Commissioner Green said the varied public input regarding the proposed salary increases showed that elected officials were in a unique position.  He said not belonging to a union or bargaining unit forced them to become advocates for their own compensation.  He said he could accept having salary increases decided by a vote of the people, but that it was not possible, and would support the recommendations of the Elected Officials Compensation Board.


VOTE:  3-2, with Commissioners Morrison and Weeldreyer voting opposed.


b.  ORDER 02-6-19-2/In the Matter of Adopting the 2002-2003 Lane County Budget Making Appropriations and Levying Taxes.


Commissioner Weeldreyer said that 2002 had been the eighth and final time she would participate in a Lane County Budget process.  She said that although funding was more stable, it had been a difficult year because many needs had to be left unmet.  She reviewed financial difficulties faced during her tenure – Ballot Measures 47 and 50, the PERS crisis, and Federal Timber Replacement funds.  She said she believed the process would continue to be difficult until participants learned to work more harmoniously and spend public money more productively, and expressed appreciation to all who had been involved in the process.  She said she discussed with Sheriff Clements the importance of a Deputy Sheriff patrol position in the McKenzie area, and wanted him to have an opportunity to make a presentation on another attempt to get voter approval of a Special Law Enforcement District (SLED) before the budget was adopted.


Commissioner Sorenson asked when revenue from a SLED would be available.  Mr. VanVactor replied that districts authorized in November 2002 could first produce revenue in fiscal year 2003-04.


Commissioner Dwyer said he did not believe it was appropriate to discuss establishing a SLED during the adoption of the budget, but that he was willing to entertain a motion to allow it.


MOTION:  to invite the Sheriff to brief the Board on work planning a Special Law Enforcement District to support a Deputy Sheriff patrol position in the McKenzie area.


Commissioner Weeldreyer MOVED, Commissioner Green SECONDED.


VOTE:  5-0.


Sheriff Jan Clements distributed copies of a document entitled “SLED Chronology.”  He reviewed the schedule it contained regarding legal formation of a SLED, placing its approval on the ballot, and approval of funding for the position in the 2002-03 Budget.  He described conversations regarding the chronology with an attorney and a person with experience in establishing taxing districts.


Commissioner Dwyer said funding for a McKenzie area patrol position was not included in the budget proposal under consideration.


Sheriff Clements said the expense of a McKenzie patrol position had been reduced to $112,000 by elimination of a new patrol car, securing donated office space, and absorbing health insurance into the Sheriff’s operating budget.  He suggested that the reduced proposal for 2002-03 be considered an “add package” to the budget.  He said that if the SLED was not approved by voters, the position would not be continued and funds committed to it would be placed in reserves.


Commissioner Dwyer said he would support submitting a scaled-down SLED proposal to voters, but that he did not favor adding the expense of a Deputy Sheriff’s position to the 2002-03 budget.


Commissioner Green said he would also support re-submitting a SLED proposal to voters.  He said he did not support “fronting” the resources to add the patrol position to the Budget before the SLED was approved.  He said he did not believe the Sheriff should provide a level of service for areas where residents were not willing to pay for it.


Commissioner Dwyer said he agreed with Commissioner Green.


Commissioner Morrison said she was concerned about excessive use of overtime to provide Sheriff’s Office services.  She said she would support developing a SLED proposal and considering adding a Deputy after approved by voters.


Commissioner Sorenson said he appreciated ongoing efforts of the Sheriff to deal with the difficulty of providing law enforcement in the McKenzie area.  He said unincorporated Lane County had one of the lowest ratios of officers to population in the nation.


Commissioner Sorenson said he was concerned about the safety of residents in the McKenzie area which led him to believe the Board should seek ways to provide patrol services.  He said he favored putting a SLED proposal on the ballot, but that the time line for doing so was extremely short.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if it was possible to make budget changes which could accommodate providing for a Deputy in the McKenzie area.  Mr. Garnick replied that there were no resources available in the 2003-2003 budget for such a position.  He said he recommended that since the proposal would not be on a ballot before November that no budget changes be made to accommodate the possibility of it passing in the current year.


Commissioner Green asked if the Sheriff currently had personnel that could be assigned to the McKenzie area.  Sheriff Clements said doing so would be possible by reassigning a Deputy from duties in another area.


Commissioner Dwyer determined there was a consensus to schedule consideration for developing a November 2002 ballot measure to create a SLED for a Sheriff’s Deputy in the McKenzie area at an early Board of Commissioners’ meeting.


Mr. Van Vactor said he would ask Legal Counsel to begin work on a proposal.


Commissioner Dwyer said the question of adding funding for a McKenzie area Deputy to the 2002-2003 Budget was a separate issue.


Commissioner Weeldreyer said she could have arranged for persons to testify in favor of adding funding to the budget, but believed the Board would trust she accurately represented a large number of constituents in her district.  She said she had brought the matter forward to demonstrate that it would be possible to act creatively and try to get a deputy in the McKenzie area before a SLED was formed.


Commissioner Dwyer said he appreciated the effort of Commissioner Weeldreyer, but did not believe it possible to add the funding to the current budget.  Commissioner Green said he agreed and believed any work done on the issue would be more profitable if given in support of a SLED ballot measure.


Commissioner Green asked what progress was being made in development of facilities for the Lane County Animal Regulation Authority (LCARA).  Commissioner Dwyer replied that resources had been allocated to the project and expansion plans had been approved.  He said a citizen advisory committee was being appointed and that he had committed himself to working on the issue, despite the availability of only limited resources.


Commissioner Morrison said Video Lottery funds to support expansion of the LCARA cattery had been allocated, and that an additional $200,000 had been committed to county reserves.  She said LCARA problems were not being ignored.


Commissioner Sorenson said the work of citizens had been important in bringing to light problems and developing support for LCARA.  He said adoption of the budget would show the commitment of the Board to address them.  He requested that David Suchart make a brief report to the Board on the work of the task force for the Cattery Expansion Project.


Commissioner Morrison said she would not support the motion to adopt the budget because of concerns it did not make adequate provisions for unemployment programs if federal timber replacement funds did not continue or if additional cuts were made to county programs supported by the state budget.  She said she did not approve of the addition of a half position for development work and was opposed to having the Department of Children and Families continue as a department.


MOTION:  to adopt ORDER 02-6-19-2.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Sorenson SECONDED.


Commissioner Green said state law required counties to adopt a balanced budget by June 30.  He pointed out that no Commissioner was entirely satisfied with the budget proposal.  He said he philosophically disagreed with some programs included in it, but would support its adoption.


Commissioner Weeldreyer said she had come to the meeting prepared to vote against the budget, especially its provisions for salary increases for elected officials.  She said she valued the team work which had gone into its development, however, and would support it as a compromise.


Commissioner Sorenson said it was important to take note of the work that went into the adoption of a budget.  He expressed appreciation to the volunteer members of the Budget Committee, citizen advocates for various causes, staff, and other elected officials.  He said federal and state dis-investments made it a difficult time for local government to provide needed services.  He said he would support the budget as a compromise.


Commissioner Dwyer expressed appreciation to members of the Board, Budget Committee, and citizens who had testified in hearings.  He said development of the budget had been a positive collective process.


VOTE: 4-1, with Commissioner Morrison voting negatively.




b.  ORDER 02-6-19-4/In the Matter of Approving a Grant of an iPAQ Stand for Children.


Commissioner Weeldreyer requested that Order 02-6-19-4 be considered out of order.  Commissioner Dwyer determined there was no objection to the request.


Commissioner Weeldreyer reported that she had been a winner of a Compaq iPac handheld personal computer at the 2002 Government Technology Conference.  She said she was unable to keep the device since she was a County employee.  She said she had received support from the other commissioners to donate the computer to the Stand for Children/Lane County Cares nonprofit organization.


MOTION:   to adopt ORDER 02-6-19-4.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.


Commissioner Weeldreyer presented the computer to a representative of Stand for Children who accepted it and said she was sure it would be put to good use.




a.  UPDATE/Forest Work Camp.


Commissioner Dwyer noted that Agenda Item 13.a was scheduled to be considered at 11:00 a.m.


Sheriff Jan Clements said the agenda item would be a quarterly report on the Forest Work Camp.  He said that since the capacity of the camp had been increased to 95 beds, it had held an average daily population of 93 inmates.


Clements discussed difficulties faced in the operation of the camp – the need to relocate nine inmates, being unable to get timely physical examinations to qualify prisoners for housing at the camp, and the need to move groups - not individuals - to and from the camp.


Clements distributed copies of a document entitled “Lane County Sheriff’s Office Correction Division Capacity Status Report.”  He reviewed information it contained regarding jail book-ins, jail matrix releases, and Forest Work Camp average daily population.


Sheriff Captain John Clague suggested that an unusual increase in jail matrix  Releases that occurred in May was likely due to an increase in the number of Measure 11 long-term prisoners and a reduction in the number of custody referee office workers.  He said there had also been suggestions that there had been an increase in the number of trials resulting from unsuccessful plea bargaining sessions between defense and prosecuting attorneys.


Commissioner Green asked if an analysis could be made of trends in the crimes committed by persons booked into the jail.  Captain Clague replied that the number of book-ins had remained stable, but that he was aware of a change in the practice of the Springfield police of issuing citations in lieu of arresting persons committing certain crimes.


Clements suggested that sentences imposed by judges and actions of parole and probation officers were also involved in the number of persons released in the jail matrix system.


Commissioner Green suggested that the length of time a person was required to wait for a trial was also a factor in increasing the number of persons released in the jail matrix system. 


Clements said issues related to mental illness among prisoners were additional factors involved in jail matrix releases.  He stated the next step in operating the Forest Work Camp would be to increase its capacity to 120 beds.  He said replacement of the Jail Intake Center would be a determining factor in the timing of the expansion.  He said full operation of the camp should have a positive effect on the failure to appear rate.


Commissioner Morrison said she was impressed with the complexity of the issues affecting jail population.  She asked if the Area Information Records System (AIRS) Conversion Project or the proposed early release of SB 1145 prisoners would affect jail populations


Clements said the AIRS project might ease jail book-in problems.


Captain Clague said it was possible that the early release of prisoners could increase the number of persons having paroles revoked by parole and probation officers.


Sheriff Deputy Dan Buckwold stated that he was responsible for operation of the Forest Work Camp.  He said the easy expansion of the number of prisoners housed had been made possible by his excellent staff.  He said a new water well had been drilled, the camp alarm system improved, and a modular unit from the Department of Youth Services installed and remodeled to serve as a class room.  He said prisoners received on-going fire fighting training and worked with Forest Service and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) personnel.


Sheriff Deputy Mark Borhese stated that a good partnership had been established between the Forest Work Camp and BLM.  He said 120 BLM projects had been completed by camp residents and an average of 10 new projects were added each month.  He distributed copies of charts which described the type and locations of Forest Work Camp work projects.


Commissioner Sorenson said he was concerned that since Lane County received a larger percentage of federal Secure Rural Schools and Community Self Determination Act of 2000 than any other county, its distribution here would be closely scrutinized.  Deputy Borhese said funds from Title II of the act were monitored by resource advisory committees and Title III funds were accounted for by the County.  He said funds from the act would be available through 2006. 


Deputy Borhese said Forest work Camp crews had been well received wherever they had been assigned and that no incidents had been reported.  He said they were making an important contribution to the eradication of noxious weeds in Lane County.  He gave credit for the positive work of the crews to their supervising Deputies.


Captain Clague stated that a helpful change in Forest Work Camp operation had been made when it moved to having work crews available seven days a week.  He said changes in the ways charges were made for work of the crews had also been an improvement.  Sheriff Deputy Mark Graham added that extending crew work days to 10 hours also improved their ability to work on projects.


Commissioner Green requested that future Forest Work Camp updates include a report of the types of crimes committed by resident inmates.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if it would be appropriate to ask for a briefing by representatives of the courts, District Attorney’s Office, and corrections division regarding changes in pre-trial plea bargaining practices.  Clements said it would be best to fully analyze the accuracy of the suggestion that such a change affected the number of persons released through the jail matrix.  Clague said he believed a personal contact with the parties concerned would be more productive.






6.  EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660






a.  ORDER 02-6-19-3/In the Matter of Ordering the Acceptance of the Recommendations of the Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn Regional Investment Board Regarding Multi-Region Grant Funding for the FY 2001-2003 Biennium.


Milo Mecham, LCOG Principal Planner, stated that the Benton, Lane, Lincoln, Linn Regional Investment Board had completed allocation of grant funds for the 2001-2003 biennium.  He said the final recommendations involved the expenditure of multi-regional allocations.  He referred to his agenda cover memo dated June 5 which described the seven projects recommended for funding.


MOTION:   to approve Order 02-6-19-3.


Commissioner Weeldreyer MOVED, Commissioner Green SECONDED.


Commissioner Morrison asked how long it would be until there was assurance that funding for the projects from the other regions would be available.  She also asked if there was assurance that the proposed projects would be completed.


Mecham explained that when a multi-regional project was approved, an “escape valve” making it dependent on funding being made available from the other region(s) involved was included.  He said no contracts would be signed or funds encumbered until decisions by the latest legislative session were finalized and there was assurance that full funding would be available.


Commissioner Morrison asked if there was a similar “escape valve” for funding from other sources identified by applicants was not available.  Mecham replied that there has been an agreement that it was possible to amend an application, if a project can be accomplished with less funds than anticipated.  He said such an amendment was permitted without approval of the boards of county commissioners.


Commissioner Morrison said she would like to include an approval requirement for applications that are changed because she did not believe the Board had adequate control of the resources.


Commissioner Weeldreyer said additional information was needed from the legislature before such a requirement was possible.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if it was possible to be assured that the project of the Association of Oregon Counties would have economic development benefit.  Mecham replied that the Regional Investment Board had criteria for its recommendations that ensured projects had such a benefit.  He said telecommunications infrastructure was necessary for the location of industry.


Commissioner Sorenson asked why a decision about the recommendations was being sought before the final deliberations of the Special Legislative Session completed its work.  Mecham replied that a number of applicants were trying to keep their projects alive and providing them with tentative assurance of support could enhance their attempts to secure other funding.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if a decision about the recommendations was time sensitive.  Mecham replied that a timely decision about the recommendations would be helpful because the boards of commissioners of each of county involved needed to approve them before any funds were released.


Commissioner Morrison noted that a number of the applications reported that revenue was anticipated, even though it was not available or approved.  Mecham said that some budgets had been developed with some uncertain amounts allocated.  He said the Regional Investment Board had recognized the issue and concluded that “someone had to go first.”  He said that if an applicant was unable to secure all needed funding, the Regional Investment Board resources would be released for another use.


Commissioner Green asked why only $35,000 had been recommended for the Fiber South Consortium project when it had requested $80,000.  Mecham replied that the project was part of a larger regional plan and that it was believed that additional resources could be found elsewhere.  He said that if additional funds were not found, the application would be withdrawn.


Commissioner Dwyer asked if approving the recommendations of the Regional Investment Board would affect future board of commissioner decisions about the allocation of video lottery resources.  Mecham replied that a decision about the recommendations would not affect any other funding decision of the Board.


Commissioner Morrison requested that an addition be made to Order 02-6-19-3 stating applicants should receive full project funding from all sources before the approval of the Lane Board of County Commissioners was final.


Commissioner Weeldreyer said preliminary Board approval added value to applicants seeking additional resources.  She said she did not believe the addition proposed by Commissioner Morrison would create difficulties.


Commissioner Dwyer determined that there was no objection to accepting the suggestion of Commissioner Morrison as an amendment to the Order 02-6-19-3.


VOTE:   5-0, as amended.




c.  ELEVENTH READING AND SETTING TWELFTH READING AND DELIBERATION/Ordinance No. 5-00/In the Matter of Amending Chapter 10 of Lane Code to Adopt a Revised and Updated Version of the Eugene Land Use Regulations for Application to the Urbanizable Lands Within the Eugene Urban Growth Boundary; and Adopting Savings and Severability (Twelfth Reading: December 4, 2002). (NBA & PM 5/16/00, 5/31/00, 10/11/00, 1/31/01, 4/11/01, 5/30/01, 12/12/01, 1/16/02, 1/30/02 & 3/20/02).


Commissioner Dwyer announced that Agenda Item 10.c. would be considered out of order.


MOTION:  to approve the Eleventh Reading and Setting the Twelfth Reading and Deliberation on Ordinance No. 5-00.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.


Commissioner Dwyer declared a recess in the meeting at 12:05 p.m.


Commissioner Dwyer re-convened the meeting at 1:35 p.m.




a.  Announcements






a.  ORDER 02-6-19-5/In the Matter of Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the State of Oregon of Human Resources to Allow the Lane County DYS to Access Behavioral Rehabilitative Services Reimbursement in the Amount of $600,000.


Lisa Smith, Youth Services Director, explained that the Federal Access Behavioral Rehabilitative Services Reimbursement identified in Order 02-6-19-5 would provide a measure of savings of budgeted general revenue. 


Commissioner Dwyer asked if the reimbursement would give the state an opportunity to withhold payment for other Youth Services medical services.  Ms. Smith replied that it was unlikely since the Oregon Youth Authority and Child Welfare had utilized the optional Medicaid service since 1999.  She said its use made the department subject to a federal audit for the fund, but that infrastructure for monitoring compliance with its regulations and that every effort would be taken to minimize the possibility.


MOTION:   to adopt Order 02-6-19-5.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Weeldreyer SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.


b.  ORDER 02-6-19-6/In the Matter of Approving an Intergovernmental Agreement with the Oregon Youth Authority to Allow the Lane County DYS to Access Behavioral Rehabilitative Services Technical Assistance, Program Oversight and Infrastructure.


Ms. Smith explained that Order 02-6-19-6 allowed Lane County to receive the reimbursements through the Oregon Youth Authority.


MOTION:   to adopt Order 02-6-19-6.


Commissioner Weeldreyer MOVED, Commissioner Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.




a.  ORDER 02-6-19-7/In the Matter of Entering into a Lease Agreement with the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service to Allow Lane County Parks Division to Manage and Operate Archie Knowles Campground and Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to Sign the Lease Agreement.


Rich Fay, Parks Manager, explained that the Parks Advisory Committee recommended adoption of Order 02-6-19-6 because it would produce revenue and benefit both the County and U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service.


Commissioner Morrison asked if improvements had been recently made to the Archie Knowles’ Campground.  Mr. Fay replied that toilets and tent spaces had been added.


MOTION:   to adopt Order 02-6-19-6.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Weeldreyer SECONDED.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if there were any complicating issues in the proposed arrangement.  Mr. Fay replied that the expense of chlorinating and testing water would continue to be covered by the Forest Service.  He said there were also minor differences between federal and county park use regulations and that signage identifying Lane County as operator of the park would need to be provided.


Mr. Fay explained that the proposed lease agreement would extend through the end of 2002 and that, if there were no insurmountable difficulties, it would be renewed and extended for five additional years.


Commissioner Sorenson asked if similar agreements were being considered for other federal or state parks in the county.  Mr. Fay replied that consideration of establishing the arrangement with parks in the McKenzie River corridor was possible.  He said the parks division was seeking ways to expand its services and valued partnerships wherever they were mutually beneficial.


VOTE:   5-0.


b.  ORDER 02-6-19-8/In the Matter of Appointing Two Members to the Roads Advisory Committee.


Removed from consideration during Adjustments to the Agenda on June 18.




A.  Approval of Minutes:

April 3, 2002, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.

May 1, 2002, Regular Meeting, Following HACSA

May 14, 2002, Work Session, 9:00 a.m.

May 15, 2002, Regular Meeting, 9:00 a.m.

May 15, 2002, Regular Meeting, 1:30 p.m.


B.  Health and Human Services


1)  ORDER 02-6-19-9/In the Matter of Approving the Submission of a Continuum of Care Grant Application to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in the Amount of $2,160,531.


C.  Public Works


1)  ORDER 02-6-19-10/In the Matter of Awarding a Contract Extension to the Eugene Mission for Newspaper Recycling Services at the CRS in the Estimated Revenue of $66,220 ($20,360 New) and Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute the Contract.


2)  ORDER 02-6-19-11/In the Matter of Awarding a Contract Extension to Bring Recycling for Waste Reduction and Recycling Education Services in the Amount of $77,700 ($40,700 New) and Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute the Contract.


3)  ORDER 02-6-19-12/In the Matter of Awarding a Contract Extension Until 6-30-03 to Bring Recycling in the Amount of $330,562.50 ($118,187.50 New) For Full Line Recycling Services at the Central Receiving Station and Authorizing the County Administrator to Execute the Contract.


4)  ORDER 02-6-19-13/In the Matter of Relinquishing an Environmental Management Easement Encumbering Private Property on Duncan Island.


MOTION:   to approve the Consent Calendar.


Commissioner Morrison MOVED, Commissioner Green SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.




a.  ORDER 02-6-19-14/In the Matter of Appointing Five Members to Fill Vacancies to the Mental Health Advisory Committee.


MOTION:   to approve ORDER 02-6-19-14.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Sorenson SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.


b.  ORDER 02-6-19-15/In the Matter of the Request of Lane County for an Exemption per ORS 279.015 to Extend the Current Contract for Problem Gambling Treatment.


MOTION:   to approve ORDER 02-6-19-15.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Sorenson SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.


c.  ORDER 02-6-19-16/In the Matter of Delegating Authority to the County Administrator to  Execute a Contract Amendment with Addiction Counseling and Education Services in the Amount of $62,199.


MOTION:   to approve ORDER 02-6-19-16.


Commissioner Green MOVED, Commissioner Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE:   5-0.








David Suchart reported that changes were being made in the bonding for the Intake Center and Courthouse Plaza reconstruction.  He said there would be an opportunity to lower the amounts when it was considered in the July 24 meeting.  He said he would prepare a detailed description of the changes at that time.




Commissioner Weeldreyer stated that she had found the Performance Counts Work Session on June 17 to be excellent.  She said she especially appreciated the interaction that took place between the staff of various departments.


Commissioner Weeldreyer stated that 22 applications had been received for the Strategic Allocation Process.  She said the Economic Development Subcommittee would develop an initial prioritization of the proposed projects which would be evaluated by the Lane Economic Committee (LEC).  She said a LEC subcommittee would review all applications and that the feedback of the entire committee would be made through the Economic Development Subcommittee.  She said the input of the LEC would be helpful because of its unique representation of Lane County business.


Commissioner Dwyer said he found the broad range of applications for the Strategic Allocation Process to be very interesting.  Commissioner Weeldreyer said the applications included one from the Metropolitan Partnership for $640,000.


There being no further business, Commissioner Dwyer adjourned the meeting at 12:00 p.m.





C. Daniel Lindstrom

Recording Secretary