June 5, 2002

9:00 a.m.

Commissioners' Conference Room

APPROVED 7/17/02


Commissioner Bill Dwyer presided with Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison and Peter Sorenson present.  Cindy Weeldreyer was present via telephone.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




Dwyer reported there was Emergency Business and under Commissioners Business there is a resolution and presentation to Joe Mosley and a letter to the president on PILT payments.




Dr. Jeff Simmons, President Elect of Lane County Medical Society, reported the Public Health facility resembled the Health Department of Los Angeles 30 years ago, being behind the times.  He stated the exam rooms were not adequate and other people could hear confidential information.  He added they were short staffed and not well equipped to handle any catastrophe.  He said their task force had been working on alternative plans for the county.  He recommended that special funding or a bond issue be presented to the public to improve the conditions.


Shannon Thienes, P. O. Box 25, Walterville, stated she is the Chair of the mental health committee. She noted there are inadequate facilities in the annex buildings.  She said the facilities are not clean and inviting to clients and patients needing treatment.  She added that confidential and private conversations could be heard.  Also, she said contagious people are mixed with people who need immunizations.  She asked the Board to fund a new facility.






4.  EXECUTIVE SESSION as per ORS 192.660






a.  Capital Improvement Financing.


David Suchart, Management Services, explained they receive approximately $1 million per year to deal with capital improvement projects for all of the county buildings.  He noted an item on a previous CIP was to replace the annex roof on the jail.  He said there had been failure with the building built in 1986.  He said it would cost approximately $175,000.  He added the Child Advocacy Center also needed a roof replacement.  He noted they are in the process of building a new advocacy center, but in order to sell the property and not have any damage over the next winter, he wanted to take care of the roof.


Suchart stated he had been delaying making repairs to the annex because he didn’t want to put money into a building the County would get rid of.  He said there were safety issues and he has to replace the carpeting.


Suchart discussed the crack in the Public Service Building.  He said if something were not done soon, there would be more structural damage.  He said in the basement of the PSB, there is no HVAC system attached and that needed to be taken care of.  He noted the lighting also needed to be changed in the Public Service Building.  He said he would repair the asbestos problem in the courthouse in phases, amounting to $250,000.  He noted an issue the safety committee had brought up is inadequate fall protection for the people who work on the roof of the Public Service Building.  There is also an estimated repair of $75,000.   He noted there is $7,500 that he had not allocated to a project.


Green asked what the state’s share was for paying for the courthouse asbestos.


Suchart responded the state’s share was zero.  He said that under state law, the County would provide adequate facilities for the Court.  He wanted to deal with the asbestos because they have an obligation to the public to deal with hazardous materials in the building.


Green said the legislative committee should work on the sharing of the costs.


Suchart noted the Parks bond was recommended by Finance and Audit to be sent to the Board to be recommended for placement on the November ballot.  He said the bond would be for $18 million.


Suchart explained the intake replacement center is valued at $8 million.  He said it encompassed removing the current intake center, constructing a new intake center holding 100 beds and reconstructing the medical portion of the building.  He noted that Finance and Audit recommended this be separate from other bond measures.


Jan Clements, Sheriff, said the HVAC system of $1.1 million should be capitalized with the rest of the intake system and medical remodel.  He said the ballpark figure was $9.2 million. 


Suchart explained there were options with the Courthouse Plaza.  He stated one option was to leave the building as it was.  He didn’t recommend that, as there are safety issues.  He said they have a design with the courthouse plaza whereby they could maintain the split-levels of the building as they currently are at $1.5 million.  He said there are continual issues with security and movement of people with the stairs.  He said a more efficient front entry would be a single level entrance.  He said they also need to do a Sheriff’s Office remodel, as their current system doesn’t provide an entrance that is user friendly.  He requested that the Sheriff’s Office remodel be added onto the Courthouse Plaza project.  He added there was a $50,000 option to deal with the park blocks and parking structure.  He said the people from Saturday Market were willing to help finance it.


Van Vactor suggested having a common level entrance, as it would solve ADA and security problems.


Weeldreyer stated if the bond measures go forward there needs to be a menu approach to give people a choice.  She was skeptical that during these economic times that any measure would pass.


Dwyer concurred that the voters would appreciate a menu approach.


Green favored a menu approach instead of one lump sum bond.  He said they needed to have a strategic approach.  He asked what the total cost of these measures would be to taxpayers.


Suchart said he would put together a financing package in dealing with the plaza issue, including the single level, the Sheriff’s Office and the park blocks.  


Suchart reported that the Sheriff’s Office communication system was out of date.  He said the amount was so large that he didn’t know how it would be financed.  He said he might consider public financing.


Clements noted the communication system had been in front of the Board as an add package and needed to be on the radar screen.  He added it would become compelling legally to be provided, as it is a safety issue.  He said if the County builds this, there would be opportunity for revenue from other agencies.  He doubted there would be any revenue stream that could pay for this system.  He said that in the future the Sheriff’s Office would be directed to build it


Dwyer suggested using this as part of the County’s United Front effort.


Green supported Dwyer’s suggestion about movement on a federal level.  He said it is something that affects all of the jurisdictions and not just a Lane County issue.


Dwyer thought the communication system could be done without going to the public.


Clements disagreed.  He said if they don’t have the financing mechanism for the situation, they put the financing part with the voters.  He said they could retire the general obligation bond faster by getting subscriber revenues.  He said they are currently having radio problems.


Wilson didn’t know what the communication package involved and how much would be available for general obligation bonding.  She stated if they were to go forward with an obligation bond, the bond funds could only be used for what was bond eligible.  She noted this bond had to be worked out. 


Suchart asked if the Board wanted him to continue working with the Sheriff’s communication package.


Dwyer said it needed more work, with revenue streams identified. He wasn’t afraid to put it out, but the Board needed more information.


Suchart explained he had been working on the annex replacement for the past five years.  He said where the replacement building is built depends on the occupants of the building.  He said if they replace the annex on the annex site, there are construction issues with replacing elections and public health.  He said it was Lane County’s property with temporary parking that would have to be dealt with.  He added, if he would use the state office building option, they would have the possibility of moving the District Attorney’s office into that building, freeing up space and dealing with family law. He noted it was a two-year issue that they were working on to get replacement space for family law.  He said if they deal with that option, the building would be larger and they would move WIC and family mediation.  He said this was the most expensive option, which could be up to $26 million for a five-story building.  He said since the state office building had been difficult to get, he had been working with other options.  He is currently working with the Bon Marche/Symantec building.  He had discussed leasing or a lease purchase, but nothing had been done.  He said the structure of the building was good and in a good location with good parking.  He added he could put Elections, Public Health, Health and Human Services Administration and Developmental Disabilities into the building. He said they could place Health and Human Services where the Mental Health building is located. Also, they could build a smaller Elections building at the current location.  He noted they could finance that from the bonding portion of the capital improvement plan.


Green suggested that Suchart continue what he was doing, looking for viable options.  He favored the Bon Marche building.


Dwyer said they have to get people out of the unsafe conditions and he concurred with Green, about what would and would not work


Weeldreyer favored consolidating the Health and Human Services functions at the Centennial site.  She asked how the parking situation would be.


Suchart responded he was okay with the parking.


Sorenson said there was a need to have childcare in the new building.  He was also for combining the Health and Human Service functions.


Suchart reiterated he had four items for the ballot measure.  He said he would work with Wilson, bond counsel and the financing department.


b.    Letter from Gil Riddell


Morrison stated she received a letter from Gil Riddell.  She passed out a draft of a letter from NACo Public Lands Office.


Dwyer noted it resulted from the fact that the president’s budget for the next fiscal year is $45 million short.


Morrison asked the Board if they wanted to participate in sending a letter.


Sorenson said they should look into the payments in lieu of taxes program.  He wanted to encourage the Bush administration to fund the payments in lieu of taxes program. He thought the Board should put the emphasis in the letter on the Office of Management Budget, getting the administration to push for full funding of the payments and leave other issues outside of the letter.  He suggested they consider writing directly to the Director of Office and Management Budget.  He thought Gordon Smith, Ron Wyden and Peter De Fazio should be sent copies.


Morrison said they would delete the last sentence in the first paragraph of the draft.


Weeldreyer said the federal government was not paying its fair share of the land it owns in Lane County.  She suggested including a short sentence about how high Lane County’s unemployment rate is.


Morrison said she would take care to have the full Board sign it.


c.    Resolution for Joe Mosely


Dwyer read a resolution into the record about Joe Mosely.


MOTION: to support the resolution about Joe Mosely’s leaving.


Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED.


VOTE: 5-0.




A.  Approval of Minutes:  None.


B.  Assessment and Taxation


1)  ORDER 02-6-5-1/In the Matter of a Refund to Oak Terrace Limited Partnership in the Amount of $17,112.14.


C.  Public Works


1)  ORDER 02-6-5-2/In the Matter of Awarding a $40,000 (Estimate) Requirements Contract to Rexius Forest By-Products, Inc. for Yard Debris Processing and Recycling Services.


2)  ORDER 02-6-5-3/In the Matter of Awarding Requirements Contracts to Thirteen (13) Contractors for the Rental of Heavy Equipment to Supplement County Resources for Ongoing Operations and During Emergencies Caused by Floods, Windstorms, and other Disasters, Contract FY02/03 FS-03.


D.  Workforce Partnership


1)  ORDER 02-6-5-4/In the Matter of Appointing a Member to the Lane Workforce Partnership Board of Directors.


MOTION: to approve the Consent Calendar.


Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED.


VOTE: 5-0.




a.  DISCUSSION AND ORDER 02-6-5-5/In the Matter of Creating the Classification and Salary Range for Senior Fleet Services Purchasing Specialist.


Frank Hotchkiss, Management Services, reported that the Public Works Department has an extensive fleet maintenance program.  He said they maintain 552 fleet owned vehicles, and 760 non-owned pieces of equipment.  He added they have contracts for maintenance services with 12 non-county agencies.  He said the shop supervisor and mechanics had previously done service writing within the division and they found it was an inefficient way to operate.  He noted the one person is now assigned to the service writing and takes the lead responsibilities.  He added it is a model that also exists with the Sheriff’s Department.  He said the proposed classification and salary grade have been discussed with bargaining unit 626 and they support the proposed request.  He asked the Board adopt the order to establish the classification and salary range as proposed for the fleet services purchasing specialist.


MOTION:  to approve ORDER  02-6-5-5.


Sorenson MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


VOTE: 5-0.




Weeldreyer asked about the EFU/F2 matter. She asked, since they had a meeting and there would be no changes to the F2 portion, if there was interest by the Board to move the F2 issues forward.


Green and Morrison were in agreement.


Sorenson requested an oral report from John Cole as a check in prior to doing anything else.


Wilson responded that could be put on the agenda for next week.


Weeldreyer noted they were just implementing state law into Lane County’s code.








ORDER 02-6-5-6/In the Matter of a Refund to Hynix Semiconductor Manufacturing America, Inc. in the Amount of $1,890,035.64.


Jim Gangle, Assessor, explained that Lane County pays interest of about 12% on refunds they generate for Hynix.  He added there were internal issues with processing, time and money.  He stated this was an order to issue a refund to Hynix Manufacturing in the amount of $1.76 million and a $123,000 interest refund.  He noted the reason for the reduction was due to an appeal Hynix filed with the Oregon Magistrate of the Division of the Tax Court.  He stated the real market value of the industrial portion went from $748 million to $567 million.  He said the reasons for the reduction in value was because of functional obsolescence of the property that amounted to 4%, meaning things were not what they expected to be for internal processing.  He noted that 58% of the reduction was a result of economic obsolescence from the downturn in the chip market.  He added if the chip market bounced back, that part of the reduction would be restored.  He said there was also property that was misclassed by Hynix or the Department of Revenue that amounted to 38%.


MOTION: to approve 02-6-5-6.


Morrison MOVED, Green SECONDED


VOTE: 5-0.




Van Vactor announced that there would be staff training on advisory committees.  He noted a manual was prepared to have uniform practices with the committees.




a.  SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance PA 1177/In the Matter of Amending the Rural Comprehensive Plan to Redesignate Land From "Forest" to "Non-Resource" and Rezone That Land From "F-2/Impacted Forest Land" to "RR-10/Rural Residential 10," and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (file PA 01-5881; Sproul).


Bill Sage, Land Management, reported the application was straightforward.  He explained it is a 24-acre parcel that if approved, would allow for the division of the property into one more parcel of ten acres in size and the development of the property under the forest zone with one more dwelling.  He stated staff reviewed the application and made a recommendation to the Planning Commission.  He added the Planning Commission met on April 2 and unanimously recommended approval of this application.  He stated staff recommended approving Alternative 1.


Sorenson asked if DLCD had an opportunity to comment on this application.


Sage responded under state law, Lane County is required to give a 45-day notice prior to the first evidentiary hearing.  He said they give a copy of the staff report and application and at that time DLCD could put any information into the record they wanted.  He noted they made no recommendations.


Commissioner Dwyer opened up the Public Hearing.


Harry Taylor, P. O. Box 1420 Veneta, Land Use Consultant, stated he represented Bill Spraul. He explained this was a complete package that included an agricultural report, soils evaluation and aquifer test.  He added they all indicated marginal soils on the property and adequate water with limited agricultural use of the property.  He stated there were not many trees on the property even though it was zoned impacted forestland.


There being no one further signed up to speak, Commissioner Dwyer closed the Public Hearing.


MOTION: to adopt Ordinance PA 1177.


Weeldreyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


ROLL CALL ORDER 4-0 (Green out of room).


b.  SECOND READING AND PUBLIC HEARING/Ordinance PA 1178/In the Matter of Amending the Rural Comprehensive Plan to Redesignate Land From "Agricultural" to "Forest" and Rezone That Land From "E-30/Exclusive Farm Use" to "F-2/Impacted Forest Land," and Adopting Savings and Severability Clauses (file PA 01-5876; Kronberger).


Sage reported that the Planning Commission had also heard this application and they unanimously recommended that the Board of Commissioners approve it.  He noted this would involve moving the property from the agriculture zone to the forest zone.  He said the findings support this and staff recommended Alternative 1.  He added they received no response from DLCD.


Dwyer opened the Public Hearing.


Harry Taylor, P. O. Box 1420, Veneta, stated he was an agent for Darren Kronberger.  He noted the property was planted for Christmas trees between 1956 and 1958 and then let go.  He said they went through an agricultural review of the cost of clearing a conversion and the waste of the existing stand plus the limitations of no irrigation. They thought the forest zone more accurately identified the character of the property. He added one house is allowed on the property. 


There being no one else signed up to speak, Commissioner Dwyer closed the Public Hearing.


MOTION: to adopt Ordinance PA 1178.


Weeldreyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.






Morrison announced that at the AOC Spring meeting, they consolidated the project areas to focus on for the next session.  She said they asked for people who were willing to work aggressively on the projects.  She noted she was the only one in attendance from Lane County.  She asked the Board if any one was willing to work on the projects. 


Morrison noted Green requested criminal behavior, alcohol drug, and mental illness presence in the public, transportation and PERS.


Dwyer took taxes.


Sorenson took management system development.


Weeldreyer took sustaining economic vitality.


Weeldreyer announced she attended a PERS session at AOC.  She said the Metro Partnership Executive Committee met and came up with a commitment for a name change to the Lane County/Metropolitan Partnership, reflecting the full geographic area of the county.  She noted there was IGA language written by Springfield to be taken to the Economic Standing Committee for review and comment.










There being no further business, Commissioner Dwyer adjourned the meeting at 2:00 p.m.



Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary