October 14, 2002

5:30 p.m.

Florence Events Center



Commissioner Bill Dwyer, presided with Commissioners Bobby Green, Sr., Anna Morrison, Peter Sorenson and Cindy Weeldreyer present.  Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer was also present.




Mayor Alan Burns of Florence welcomed everyone.




Sandy Young, Dianne Burch, Rob Ward, Gerald Hamilton, David Jackson, John Scott, Tom Kartrude, Ken Miller, Donna Lee, Ron Miller, Kevin Rhodes, Ken Lanfear, Dave Raley, Roger Bennett, Sonny Chickering, Jake Risley, Jan Clements, Brett Freeman, Craig Starr, Tony Bieda.






4.  STATUS REPORT/Clear Lake Road.


Chickering reported that the Board had approved a project design concept for a portion of Clear Lake Road between Jenson Lane and Canary Road.  He said this was the third phase in an effort to put paved shoulders for bikes and pedestrians around the lake.  He said it has been programmed for construction in 2004 at $1.75 million.  He said the design is two 11 foot travel lanes and two 6 foot wide paved shoulders.  He added they would be making ditch and drainage improvements.  He noted there is an issue about the Gibs Creek Bridge.  He noted they would need to have environmental clearances from the Corps of Engineers and others.  He said it could be a long process trying to get widening of the bridge approved.  He added if they are unsuccessful in obtaining the permits, they will proceed with widening the roadways and they will leave a gap until the final width of the bridge is resolved.

5.  UPDATE/County Transportation System Plan (TSP).


Chickering said they have been putting together their transportation system plan and their draft is near completion. They anticipated on having the final document around the end of November.  He said when it is completed, they will put it out for public comment and have four public meetings around the county.  He added they would be mailing out a notice to each of the cities and to other districts that have an interest in transportation facilities.  He noted the formal hearings would begin to take place in May 2003.


6.  REPORT BACK/County/City Road Partnership Payments for FY 01-02.


Morrison didn’t have the real checks because the cities had to first provide their reports.  She gave out IOU’s.  She noted the check for the City of Florence would be for $120,737.45 and for Dunes City the IOU is for $65,734.30.


Morrison announced the cities had been notified about a joint meeting in Eugene about the possibility of a gas tax or motor vehicle licensing fee to increase monies to the cities and the County for road maintenance.  She said the meeting would take place on October 30.


7.  STATUS/Florence Transportation System Plan (TSP).


Chickering encouraged participation by the County to participate in any reviews or contributions.  He noted they had adopted the TSP from all of the other cities in the County and they want to make sure they connect with the City of Florence.


8.  DISCUSSION/Siltcoos Campground.


Risley said a year ago they were approached by the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife for an opportunity to look at some day use that is owned by International Paper along the Siltcoos River.  He said they reviewed the site and found out it was in the Oregon Dunes National Recreational Area.   He said there was potential for access to the dunes.  He said they were encouraged to have a feisability study done to find out what issues would be surrounding the piece of property if they were to develop it into day use facilities.  He said they applied for a grant to do the feasibility study and they were awarded the grant.  He said they are making the determination whether they want to proceed or not.  He said they are moving ahead with the feasibility study. He added there are a number of permitting issues but the idea of the grant is to review the issues.


City of Florence Issues

9.  REPORT/City of Florence Information Briefing.

A.  Downtown Revitalization and Development Projects.

1)  2nd Street and Green.

2)  Access Management Task Force.

3)  Scenic Byways Bridge Project.

4)  Comprehensive Plan Changes.

5)  Pilot Blocks.

6)  Estuary Trail.

7)  Consideration of Vertical Development Enterprise Zone.

8)  Local Collaboration for Anchor Hotel Supporting Fee.

B.  Other Economic Development Efforts.

1)  Business Park Plans and Progress.

2)  Enterprise Zone.

3)  Critical Importance of Modern Telecommunications.

C.  Other Key Issues.

1)  Water System Expansion and General Obligation Bond (Measure 2081).

2)  Additional Police Officers (Measures 2082 and 2083).

3)  Stormwater System Implementation Update.

4)  Casino Proposal and Process for Addressing City Concerns.

5)  Fire District Incorporation Proposal Update.


Bennett explained they had been before the Board in the past on many of these issues.  He said they had received signed contracts from the Roads Advisory Committee for Funds on the Second Street realignment project.  He said that group has crafted an Access Management Plan that has been forwarded to ODOT. He noted their Scenic Byway bridge project was turned down last year.  He added the pedestrian underpass at Honeyman State Park was approved for funding by the federal government. He added the Florence Bridge Interpretive Center was the next highest ranked project for the All American Road Scenic Byway funding.  He stated they had just submitted that project for funding.


Bennett stated their comp plan had been adopted and enacted and had been partially accepted.  He noted their Pilot Blocks Project was encouraged by ODOT to apply for funding regarding pathways and pedestrian safety.


Kartrude noted the Estuary Trail Program was moving forward.


Bennett announced that for the consideration of the Vertical Development Enterprise Zone, the city council had approved incentives for people who would build housing in second, third and fourth stories in the commercial areas.  He stated the school district, the city and the ports are working on the private sector developing a hotel across the street from the Florence Events Center.  He said their business and industrial park on Kingwood Drive is going well. 


Bennett commented they were asking the voters to approve general obligations to pay for improvements to the water system.  He said they were also asking the voters to approve a property tax measure to increase the police force by one or two officers.  He noted there is a beginning discussion of a rural fire district annexing the City of Florence to complete a transition.  He added that may or may not go to a vote of the people.


10.  DISCUSSIONS/Florence City Issues.

a.  Urbanization Issues North of City.

b.  Strategy for Getting Modern Telecommunications in Florence.

c.  Collaboration for Disaster Response.

d.  Prioritizing Highways 101 & 126 Modernization and Safety Projects.


Bennett explained there is competition for water customers between the city and the Heceta Water District over properties to be developed inside the city’s urban growth boundary.  He noted it was the Florence City Council’s position that properties annexed into the city should be served equally with all properties that are currently inside the city.  He added any tax bonds they issue would have to do with a tax base within the city.  He said if they withdraw any properties from the district, they are required by statute to make them whole.


Bennett stated they are striving hard for telecommunications. He said they have to pursue bringing Florence up to the state of the art with fiber optics and access to broadband.  He said they wanted to be involved in the planning. 


Bennett noted the Sheriff has been on the lead in disaster response countywide and their forces need to be involved.


City of Dunes City

11.  DISCUSSION/Siuslaw Wrecking Yard - Land Use Compliance Issue.


Susie Navetta, City Councilor, Dunes City, commented that the Land Management Department had a laid back attitude concerning land use violations.  She said the Siuslaw Wrecking Yard had been operating an unpermitted business in Lane County for over 10 years.  She noted in 1998 the Board denied a zone change from F2 to M3.  She said the hearings official noted that Lane County did not have staff to monitor enforcement and it would be up to the local citizens to file complaints.  She stated the problems with the property had been brought to the attention of Land Management several dozen times.  She said the erosion in the rainy season from the business threatens the drinking water of Dunes City residents.  She commented the cumulative effect of the rain could have disastrous effects on the watershed.  She noted that over 250 households take water from the lake.  She noted according to the Lane Code enforcement requirements and the Rural Comprehensive plan, it was the duty of the enforcement official to enforce the provisions pertaining to the land use to ensure compliance of zoning requirements.  She stated in 1999, the Siuslaw Wrecking Yard had over 1,000 cars that had been cleaned up and according to Lane County, about 50 cars remain.  She asked why there were still cars on the property.


Morrison stated she had been working diligently with the owner of that property.  She added they have a lack of staff to go out and investigate the problems. She thought the property would eventually get cleaned up. She said she couldn’t force the state to do its job.   


Sorenson thought the County could use its solid waste fund to have enforcement of garbage on the land.


12.  DISCUSSION/Concern about Short Time Frame to Address Cooley Plan Amendment/Zone Change (PA 98 1953).


Dwyer explained this item would be part of a meeting on November 5 or 6 as it is a quasi judicial item.


Joint Discussions

13.  DISCUSSION/Sheriff and Other County Services Deployment Levels Including Scheduling "West of the Tunnel."

14.  DISCUSSION/Disaster Planning.



Captain Bret Freeman, Sheriff’s Office, discussed staffing levels.  He added that the scheduling west of the tunnel hadn’t changed, that they have the same number of staff available.


Linda Cook, Sheriff’s Department, gave a report on disaster planning.  (Copy in file.)


There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson adjourned the meeting at  7:40 p.m.



Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary