August 20, 2003

1:30 p.m.

Commissioners' Conference Room

APPROVED 11/25/03


Commissioner Sorenson presided with Commissioners Bill Dwyer and Bobby Green, Sr. Anna Morrison was excused. County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa were also present.




a. PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDER 03-8-20-7/In the Matter of Certification of Final Assessments for Improvements to Pearl Street (City of Coburg) (County Road Number 254) Between Mile Post 0.25 and Mile Post 0.58 and Setting Lien Values Against Adjacent Properties (NBA & PM 7/23/03).


Frank Simas, Public Works, reported the construction on Pearl Street began in Spring 2002. He noted the Board previously approved the Director’s Report in 2001. He said now that construction is complete and all the assessable items have been accepted, the total project for the improvements was $701,548. He added that $42,814 was for the assessable items.

Green requested the public notice being attached to the agenda packet in the future.


Commissioner Sorenson opened up the Public Hearing. There being no one signed up to speak, he closed the Public Hearing.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 03-8-20-7.




VOTE: 3-0.


b. PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDER 03-8-20-8/In the Matter of Certification of Final Assessments for Improvements to Prairie Road (County Road Number 203) Between Mile Post 1.59 and Mile Post 2.03 and Setting Lien Values Against Adjacent Properties (NBA & PM 7/23/03).


Simas explained this project included improvements from Mile Post 1.59 to Mile Post 2.03. He noted Board Order, 02-2-13-6, approved the Director’s report. He added it included the amount of the estimated assessments. He stated the total costs of the improvements were $1,082,599 and of that total, $100,254 was accessible. He asked for approval of the final assessment.

Commissioner Sorenson opened up the Public Hearing.


Roy Cook, stated he was speaking on behalf of Margaret Ross, 90230 Prairie Road. He asked how the compilation of the number of feet was used in the 8,000 square feet that they were assessed when in fact the Junction City Water Control and Lane County have an easement for the water channel. He said they think it is unfair.


Sorenson asked if there were easements on the property for utility companies or Lane County. He asked how that is assessed so the property owner is paying for their frontage, not for some other entity’s frontage.

Simas responded under the current assessment policy, they would not deduct for the area where there is an easement. He stated it would still be the amount of front footage of improvements.


Cook noted they were being assessed for a 60-foot easement.


Dwyer thought the Junction City Water Control District should be assessed the 60 feet on Prairie Road. He thought it was wrong to charge people when there is a public benefit and no private benefit. He asked if the road fund could pay for the 60 feet.


Kardell said they could have the road fund pay for it.


Sorenson wanted additional information on the amount of land involved with the easement and whether or not they could waive the fee and what the amount of the easement would be. He also wanted to know the financial impact on the property owner. He wanted to keep the record open.


Simas stated they could bring this item back.


Green thought they should approve the balance of the order and deal with the Ross issue separately. He stated Lane County was trying to apply a policy uniformly and it is not consistent. He thought they should determine how they could minimize the fiscal impact, given there is a question about private benefit.


Sorenson stated another reason for pulling this matter is to get the rural representation from the Board.


There being no one else signed up to speak, Commissioner Sorenson closed the Public Hearing


Dwyer stated he had enough facts to know that there is little benefit that will accrue. He wanted to deduct the lineal feet that cross the ditch.


MOTION: to approve ORDER 03-8-20-8 with the exception of deleting the assessment for the Ross property.




VOTE: 3-0.


MOTION: to move that Public Works work with the Ross family to figure out what the public benefit section of the road is and bring back a figure that has the assessment cost minus the public benefit.




Sorenson wanted this issue brought back in four weeks.


VOTE: 3-0.







Dwyer announced that September 3 is Good Neighbor Day at Reed and Cross.


Sorenson stated he wrote letters to Senators Wyden and Smith and Representative De Fazio

concerning the design of the new federal courthouse.




To take place after the meeting.






There being no further business, Commissioner Sorenson adjourned the meeting at 3:30 p.m.


Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary