September 8, 2003

7:00 p.m.

Creswell Community Center



The Regularly scheduled Council meeting was called to order by Mayor Petitti and the pledge of allegiance given.


Council Present


Ron Hanson      Cathy Morgan

Ron Petitti      Alan Bennett

Jenny Carmichael    Michael Dubick



Council Absent


Bob Millam


Commissioners Present:


Bill VanVactor – County Administrator

Peter Sorenson

Bobby Green

Bill Dwyer


Staff Present


Jim Johnson    City Administrator

Ken Jones    City Attorney

Layli Nichols    Finance Director/Recorder

Roy Sprout    Public Works Director

Shelley Humble  Airport Manager


Press –     3


Audience  11


II.                             Joint Meeting with Lane County Board of County Commissioners


Mayor Petitti changed the order of business as requested by the County Commissioners


A.                                                      Update on appointment of new East Lane Commissioner - 5


Peter Sorenson said that the position was advertised and 23 applications were received.  After review and interviews the list has been narrowed to a pool of seven finalists, who were interviewed today.  Outgoing Commissioner Lininger will review the finalists next week.  The Commissioners are hoping to choose a replacement soon thereafter.


B.                                                      Road Funds - first


Federal Road Fund dollars allocate monies based on a calculation including timber harvest and sales.  This money will no longer be available after 2006 under current legislation.  Lane County has received the largest portion of these monies of anyone in the U.S. because of the calculations.  Discussion was held regarding the possibilities should federal funds no longer be available.  Jim Johnson asked if discussion was occurring regarding O & M dollars.  Peter Sorenson stated that discussion was scheduled for September 29, 2003.  He said that they are waiting for the cities of Eugene and Springfield to repeal their citywide gas tax measures.  Bobby Green said that if they do get into discussion with cities he is in favor of including all cities in the discussion.  Bill Dwyer stated that they are in favor of finding countywide solutions, such as a countywide gas tax or county vehicle registration fees, that will be beneficial to everyone.  The problem with proposing a countywide solution at this time is the jurisdictions that have imposed citywide gas taxes.  Bobby Green stated that he feels that road maintenance and construction should be paid for by a consumer driven fee rather than one which would tax persons who do not drive on our roads.  OTIA 3 has proposed changes in the formula for the way OTIA monies will be distributed to counties and cities.  Discussion was held regarding capital outlay versus maintenance for roads.  Mr. Sorenson stated that he would like to see a shift in how monies are allocated, to provide more for routine maintenance of existing roadways, rather than spending the majority on new construction.


C.                                                     Gas Tax - 2


County Administrator Bill VanVactor explained that he would rather see a countywide solution to the gas tax issue, but can’t undo what the cities have done.  He said he is committed to share the types of money the county may receive, but needs to find and equitable way to distribute those monies and still take into account the affect it will have on marginal businesses on the edge of the county.  A short discussion ensued regarding gas tax on diesel fuel.


D.                                                     County-wide Income Tax - 3


The county has worked hard to find a fair way to tax people and the commissioners feel that the surtax was the right way to do it because it would be deductible from the federal income tax.  If voters turn down the three-year surcharge, the most immediate funding issues will be schools and public safety and counties and or cities may have to look at a local option to pay for services.


E.                                                      Animal Control - 6


Bill Dwyer stated that he helped to see the Current Animal Regulations Building become State of art.  He stated that the issue has reached crisis proportions.  There are more unlicensed dogs than ever and due to budget cuts the cattery is operating on volunteers only.  The Animal Regulations task force will reach a close in November and one of the problems they are looking at is feral cat control.


F.                                                      Create District for Library Service - 7


Mayor Petitti stated that the library is operated on a completely volunteer basis.  Bill Dwyer said that the challenge with creating a library district is finding an equitable means of accommodating areas that do not currently impose a library tax with those that do.  Mr. Dwyer said he feels that libraries are tremendously important and would like to find a solution for communities that do not have funding.


G.                                                     Sheriff’s Contract - 4


The city’s total current tax levy is about $347,000 and the majority of that goes to public protection.  Bill Dwyer stated that approximately 70% of the county budget goes to public protection as well.  Ron Hanson asked why the law enforcement contract has increased by almost 10% per year for the last three years.  Mr. Dwyer explained that the cost increase is due largely in part to the rising costs in health and retirement benefits.  Training is a very important aspect of public protection as well, and with continual budget cuts, a growing concern.  A discussion was held regarding the increase in cost and the services provided by the Sheriff’s Department.  Mike Dubick stated the city used to hold a 50/50 contract with the Sheriff’s Department and now that the city is paying for 100% of the contract, the city is burdened with the entirety of the increase.


H.                                                     Other


Peter Sorenson thanked the City of Creswell for the opportunity to have a joint meeting.  He feels that it is valuable for the city in preparing budget data.



Mayor Petitti closed the joint meeting and called for a five-minute recess.


Mayor Petitti convened the regular scheduled council meeting


III.                           Comments from Mayor, Councilors, and City Administrator


Michael Dubick attended Dr. Page’s Open house on September 5, 2003 and said that it is a wonderful new building that is a nice addition to downtown.  Mayor Petitti noted that he, Alan Bennett, Jenny Carmichael, and Cathy Morgan also attended the open house, and thought that Dr. Page’s new building is very nice.


Mr. Dubick suggested that in the future the city might be able to commence a program geared to help other businesses in the downtown district renovate or upgrade existing buildings.  Mr. Petitti said he would like to start a project working jointly with the Chamber of Commerce and other groups in Creswell to help business owners spruce up their buildings that would otherwise not be able to afford it.  He said that he facilitated a meeting with Lane Council of Governments in an effort find funding for building renovation in the downtown area.


Jenny Carmichael asked if construction had commenced on Oregon Avenue today.  City Administrator Jim Johnson explained that construction is about two weeks out according to Delta Construction.  City Engineer, Ron Stahelin contacted local business owners to provide an update on the project.  Mr. Johnson said that he would be presenting a change order in the amount of $24,000 to include finishing all the sidewalks.


Ron Petitti noted that the League of Oregon Cities Conference is in Eugene this year.  The city should be receiving registration information soon and it would be nice if everyone could attend.


IV.                           Public Forum


No comments were received.


V.                              Consent Calendar


Ron Hanson moved Michael Dubick seconded to approve the consent calendar as presented.  Voted on and unanimously carried.







VI.                           New Business


A.                                                      Public Hearing on Ordinance No. 409 – An Ordinance Adopting the Rules and Regulations of Creswell Airport Hobby Field, Providing Penalties, Repealing Ordinance No. 351 and Ordinance No. 368 and Declaring an Emergency.


Mayor Petitti opened the public hearing and asked for any public comments.  Mark Stroble of the Airport Commission thanked the council for finalizing the changes to the Airport Rules and Regulations.  Discussion was held regarding the changes and Michael Dubick noted some changes that need to be made to references within the document.  The proposed changes are as follows:


Pg. 1 section 1.7 reference section 2.4

Pg.2 section 1.18 reference section 3.3

Pg. 8 section 3.18 reference section 3.3B

Pg. 10 section 6.1 reference section 2.6C

Pg. 11 section 7.4 reference section 7.3


Mayor Petitti closed the public hearing.


Michael Dubick moved Cathy Morgan seconded to adopt Ordinance No. 409 as amended by Michael Dubick.  Voted on and unanimously carried.


B.                                                      Motion – Process for Recruiting a New City Administrator


City Administrator Jim Johnson introduced Kevin Rack, who is interested in doing an internship for city administrator/manager; since the city does not have the dollars to pay for an internship he has invited Mr. Rack to observe the recruitment process as the city chooses a new administrator.


Mr. Johnson suggested that timing could be an issue.  He said that December, January is not the best time of year to be interviewing applicants, and delaying the process could be beneficial to the city.  He recommends a combination approach using the League of Oregon Cities, a recruiting firm and the city.  He is requesting to have two individuals from the City of Eugene assist in the process.  They have agreed to perform these services for $1,000 each.  Michael Dubick feels that spending a little more money in the area of background checks would be beneficial.  He suggested having the Mayor and a councilor do on site checks.  A short discussion was held regarding the steps of the process as presented.

Ron Hanson moved Cathy Morgan seconded that the council and the Interim City Administrator be responsible for the recruiting process for a new City Administrator; and 2) that Interim City Administrator be authorized to contract with Helen Towle and Melissa Pearson to assist the city with the recruiting process for an amount not to exceed $2,000.  Voted on and unanimously carried.


C.                                                     Motion – Appointing Southwood Engineering Corporation as City Engineer.


Alan Bennett moved Michael Dubick seconded to authorize the City Administrator to enter into a contract with Southwood Engineering Corporation, Ron Stahelin, President, to be City Engineer as presented.  Voted on and unanimously carried.


Mayor Petitti requested the addition of two more agenda items.


Mayor Petitti appointed Councilor Michael Dubick to the Health and Street Committees filling the vacancy created by Jean Beck’s resignation.


Ron Hanson moved Alan Bennett seconded to approve the intergovernmental agreement with the Oregon Department of Aviation and the Creswell Municipal Airport – Hobby Field as presented.  Voted on and unanimously carried.


VII.                         Clerk’s Report


The council reviewed the combined financial statement for the period ending August 31, 2003.


VIII.                      Adjournment


There being no further business to come before the Council, Mayor Petitti adjourned the meeting.




          Ron Petitti





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Layli A. Nichols

City Recorder