February 3, 2004

6:00 p.m.

Lowell Fire Station, 389 North Pioneer, Lowell

APPROVED 2/18/04


At 6:05 p.m., the February 3, 2004 meeting of the Lowell City Council was called to order by Mayor Weathers and the February 3, 2004 meeting of the Lane County Board of Commissioners was reconvened by Commission Chair Green.


All Members of the Lowell City Council were present.

All Members of the Lane County Board of Commissioners were present.


Commissioner Green relinquished the Chair to Commissioner Hampton for the Commission’s agenda items.


Introductions were made.


1.  Presentation/Discussion, Lowell Covered Bridge Project.

By Ollie Snowden, Lane County Public Works


Mr. Snowden presented background information and an update of the status of the Lowell Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project.  He discussed the goals of the project, funding and schedule.  He also discussed some issues still outstanding and efforts underway to resolve those issues.  He answered questions relating to the project for Commission and Council members.  There was no action taken by either the Commission or Council.


2.  Presentation/Discussion, Pioneer Street Project

By Sonny Chickering, Lane County Public Works


Mr. Chickering, Lane County Public Works Chief Engineer, presented information regarding a request from the City of Lowell to reprogram the pavement maintenance project on Pioneer Street to a capital project.  He reported on discussions between County and City staff regarding the issue of replacing City utilities and the City’s desire to replace the curbs, gutters and sidewalks in addition to pavement and sub-base repair and replacement.  He stated that the Public Works Staff concurred with the City’s suggestion and provided some cost estimates for the additional work. He asked the Commission for direction on the issue.  There was general discussion on the proposal to change the scope of the project.  Commissioners Hampton, Dwyer and Morrison all expressed interest in doing the project right and in moving forward with the project approval process.  Mr. Chickering suggested the City of Lowell submit a written request for the project to the Roads Advisory Committee before their meeting in February. There was no Council or Commission action taken.


Having concluded the agenda items, Commission Chair Green adjourned the Board of Commissioners meeting at 6:40 p.m.


Mayor Weathers also recessed the City Council meeting at 6:40 p.m.