June 23, 2004

1:30 p.m.

Commissioners' Conference Room

APPROVED 9/15/04


Commissioner Bobby Green, Sr., present  with Commissioners Bill Dwyer, Don Hampton, and Anna Morrison present. Peter Sorenson was present via speaker phone.  County Administrator Bill Van Vactor, County Counsel Teresa Wilson and Recording Secretary Melissa Zimmer were also present.




          a.           PUBLIC HEARING AND ORDER 04-6-23-9/In the Matter of Withdrawing the Ridgeway Road Improvement Project from the Public Works 2005-2009 Capital Improvement Program (CIP) and Making the Funds Available for Other Projects, Including the Allocation of $220,000 to the Judkins Point South/I-5 Interchange Project.


                        Sonny Chickering, Public Works, reported they have a project that had been proposed in the CIP, and in accordance with their standard procedures, they have had a public input process that consisted of an open house in the Pleasant Hill area.  He said they received feedback from residents who attended the meeting and in general the feedback was in opposition to the project.  He noted the percentage is 73% opposed, 27% support.  He said they took the information and went back to the Roads Advisory Committee.  He indicated  they considered the project again and are recommending it be cancelled, given the lack of public support. He said that staff is also recommending cancellation of the project.


                        Chickering indicated that during the CIP process last month, the Board discussed competing projects.  He noted the Judkins Point South project had been nominated by the private developers near the interchange during the Roads Advisory Committee’s deliberations on the CIP and they also provided testimony to the Board.  He said during the discussion, (although the Board didn’t take official action) there was agreement that if Ridgeway was cancelled, those monies could be allocated to Judkins Road South or other projects. 


                        Dwyer asked if they could cancel the project.


                        Chickering said they could elect to fund other projects.


                        Dwyer asked where the project Chickering was recommending fits into the mix of current projects.


                        Chickering responded that during the CIP hearings, Sorenson suggested they needed to have objective criteria for ranking projects and they had not accomplished it.  He said Judkins was the first project and they had not compared it to other potential projects.  He said it was nominated at the RAC and brought to the Board.


            Commissioner Green opened up the Public Hearing.


                        Pat Kilby, P. O. Box 51059, Eugene, stated he is the project manager for East Ridge Village that incorporates the Glenwood, Judkins Point, Pape and public improvement plans.  He said this is a long-term committed project in TransPlan and the Laurel Hill Valley Refinement Plan.  He said his clients had taken the lead on the project to develop all the plans.  He indicated within the past two weeks, the City of Eugene Public Works Department had reviewed the plans and given their completion review checklist.  The plans were moving forward.  He noted it went to ODOT for an initial review.


                        Chickering noted that the Ridgeway Project was budgeted at $620,000 and if the Board elected to cancel the project and reallocate $220,000 to Judkins Point South, there would be $400,000 left.  He stated that they are recommending the money go back into the road fund balance.


                        There being no one else signed up to speak, he closed the Public Hearing.


                        MOTION: to move to approve ORDER 04-6-23-9.

                        Dwyer MOVED, Sorenson SECONDED.


                        VOTE: 5-0.


                        MOTION:  to move to allocate $220,000 toward Judkins Point South.


                        Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


                        VOTE: 5-0.


                        MOTION:  to move that $400,000 be dedicated to the CAP Fund for competitive bidding.


                        Dwyer MOVED, Morrison SECONDED.


                        Morrison requested the Roads Advisory Committee be directed to re-visit the CAP program, including this money and whether they want to re-address the CIP and put more money into the CAP


                       Chickering indicated that at the present they have no unallocated balance in the CAP.


                        VOTE: 5-0.




            a.         ORDER AND RESOLUTION 04-6-23-10/In the Matter of Authorizing the County Administrator to Submit a Four-year Implementation Plan to the Oregon Commission on Children and Families for up to $125,000 per Year to Increase Positive Youth Development Activities and Collaborations in Lane County; and Delegating the Administrator to Execute Grant Continuation Documents, Intergovernmental Agreements, and Contracts Related to this Grant.


                        Diane Avery, Children and Families, recalled that earlier in the year they were chosen to receive the grant from the Oregon Commission on Children and Families, funded through the Department of Health and Human Services through the Family and Youth Services Bureau.  She indicated they had been meeting with a variety of youth in different venues to create their implementation plan.  She commented that they created a plan that will impact individual youth with positive youth activities in the community.  She said they will support youth engagement and mobilization though structured community forums to bring together youth in the community.  She added they want to provide specific support and opportunities that are designed by and for runaway, homeless, Latino and African American youth.  She said they want to support countywide development of leadership skills for youth and adults.


                        Green wanted information on how they use baseline data to get targeted outcomes. 


                        MOTION: to approve ORDER AND RESOLUTION 04-6-23-10.


                        Dwyer MOVED, Hampton SECONDED.


                        Morrison asked if there was any intent to reach out to rural areas.


                        Avery responded that the youth who participated are also interested in the same process that takes place in the rural communities


                        Morrison was concerned about how many schools were participating and getting representation from other viewpoints.


                        VOTE: 5-0.


            b.        ORDER AND RESOLUTION 04-6-23-11/In the Matter of Approving Submission of the Update and Report on Phase III of the SB555 Coordinated, Comprehensive Plan for Children and Families to the Oregon Commission on Children and Families.


                        Joaquim Schulz, Children and Families, reported this was the first update since 2002, when Phase 2 was completed.  He indicated they have a good plan but little money and that has a major impact on the community as a service provider and clients that need access to the services.  He noted that fewer children and families were being served.  He indicated they pulled information from service providers and the community at large in a lengthy process.


                        Serafina Clark, Children and Families, commented that the plan helps to focus direction and more people could be involved with it.  She saw it as a vehicle to share ideas.


                        Green noted what was missing was the list of participants with the update and review.  He asked to include that for future reference.


                        MOTION:  to approve ORDER AND RESOLUTION 04-6-23-11.


                        Dwyer MOVED, Hampton SECONDED.


                        VOTE: 5-0.






Green stated he received a letter from Paul Vaughn of West Cascade Energy.  He said it was to Kent Howe but he was copied on    it.  He indicated they were pulling their application for the pipeline.  He said that Land Management was handling the letter.


Green received a copy of a resolution on Family Day, recognizing the fourth Monday in September, from Darrell Walker.



            ORDER 04-6-23-14 Clarifying Order No 02-6-19-1 with Respect to Retiree Medical Insurance for District Attorney.

            Wilson stated she sent the Board an e-mail that pointed out the history on the medical health insurance benefit relative to Doug Harcleroad, District Attorney.  She noted in 2002 after the elected official compensation meeting, the Board adopted a board order that reinstated the health insurance benefit.  She explained the way the health insurance benefit is described in the Lane Manual; one section covers both health insurance and retiree medical.  She noted the background material in the 2002 order indicated that all elected officials got the retiree medical but in looking at Harcleroad’s impending retirement, the District Attorney is a state officer and gets both a salary from the state and a salary supplement from the County.   She said it was up to the Board of Commissioners to determine what kind of supplemental compensation package they want to provide the District Attorney.  She said it was unclear about the intent.


            Dwyer commented that Harcleroad could use the COBRA benefit.


            Harcleroad stated that he has worked for Lane County for 30 years and meets the benefits criteria.


            Dwyer commented that this was an extraordinary situation and he wouldn’t oppose it.


            Wilson crafted a Board Order that would give Harcleroad the right to exercise COBRA benefits during the six-month gap. She added that when he ultimately retires, Harcleroad would receive the retiree medical insurance.


            Sorenson commented that what they are trying to do is treat Harcleroad as if he were a county employee for the whole time instead of a state officer.  He noted that Harcleroad received a W-2 form from Lane County since 1974 and for IRS reporting purposes he had been a county employee.  He thought they should treat Harcleroad as a county employee and grant him the benefit that all county employees have if they were hired at the same date and would be covered by the retirement benefit and cover him for the period for which he is retired.  He added when he assumes his office in January, he would become a new employee of the county and treated as any other county employee post 1991, not eligible for the retirement benefits.


            Green supported Harcleroad taking the time off.  He thought COBRA would be the cleanest way for the six-month period.  He commented that when Harcleroad comes back he would qualify for his pension.


            Harcleroad said he would figure out a way to be insured for that six-month period of time.  He wanted an order from the Board that states he gets the retiree medical benefit when he returns.  He added that he had met all the requirements.


            Sorenson indicated they have a unique situation with elected officials because they are not the same as county employees, they receive no vacation benefit.  He said they need to make rules for elected officials as the circumstances dictate. 


            Green wanted this spelled out explicitly so it wouldn’t be left up to someone’s institutional memory about the Board’s intent.


            Wilson said if this were approved, she would change the board order to say that if Mr. Harcleroad resumes office on January 5, 2005, that his time off was for roughly a six-month period of time.


            MOTION:  to approve ORDER 04-6-23-14 as amended.


            Dwyer MOVED, Hampton SECONDED.


            VOTE: 5-0.


            There being no further business, Commissioner Green recessed the meeting into Executive Session at 3:30 p.m.



Melissa Zimmer

Recording Secretary