Low-income energy assistance program opens waitlist

Low-income energy assistance program opens waitlist
Posted on 10/30/2017

The federal office of Health and Human Services has released funding to the states for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP). The LIHEAP program helps income-qualified households with their home energy bills in the winter.  

Beginning Wednesday morning, November 1, Lane County LIHEAP agencies will begin placing households on LIHEAP appointment waiting lists. 

This year, households may place themselves on a waiting list by going online at: www.lanecounty.org/energyassistance or by calling one of the LIHEAP agencies listed below. The goal for the new online option is to make the process easier to use than the traditional phone call method for getting on the waiting list.

If a household doesn’t get on the LIHEAP waiting list in early November, the household should try again the first working day of each month through June.  The LIHEAP agencies do reopen their LIHEAP waiting lists more than once each year.

To qualify for LIHEAP, a household’s current gross monthly income must be at or below 60 percent of Oregon’s median income level. A household of one person can have a gross monthly income as high as $1,924. A household of four people can have a gross monthly income of $3,701.

The amount of assistance a household receives depends on a number of factors. The program pays the assistance directly into a household’s utility account as a one-time payment that can range from $250–$550. Interested households may call one of the agencies listed below to be placed on a waiting list.

For additional information about LIHEAP, call 541-682-FUEL or 541-682-3835. This number is a recorded message in English and Spanish.


Campbell Community Center (Eugene) - 541-682-5354
Willamalane Adult Activity Center (Springfield) - 541-736-4406
Creswell Senior Connections - 541-682-7810
Florence Senior Connections - 541-902-9430 ext. 7835
Junction City Senior Connections - 541-998-8445
Oakridge Senior Connections - 541-782-4726
Veneta Senior Connections - 541-935-2262


Catholic Community Services (Eugene) - 541-345-3642
Catholic Community Services (Springfield) - 541-747-8349
Community Sharing (Cottage Grove) - 541-942-6492
Siuslaw Outreach Services (Florence) - 541-997-2816
St. Vincent de Paul (Oakridge) - 541-782-3590