Recycling Program--Waste Prevention is Best

Please NOTE:   Lane County transfer stations are  temporarily NOT able to accept the following materials for recycling at transfer stations: 
Milk Cartons and aseptic soup/juice boxes
Plastic bags and film
All other plastics (except milk jug plasticsare ok-#2 HDPE, no color)
Shredded paper at Rural sites ( OK in paper bin at Glenwood site)
Click here for County wide updated details
And here is a 4 min. video that explains why. Wach til the end!

The Lane County Public Works Waste Management Division has set a goal to divert  63% of the county's waste from the Short Mountain Landfill by 2050.  By offering a wide variety of services, resources and information, community members are inspired and encouraged to reduce, reuse, and recycle more.
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While we provide comprehensive Recycling at all disposal sites,  private curbside collection services are also available. 
Lane County also assists and encourage citizens, business and community recycling efforts!  Click the drop-down buttons on the right for information and resources offered on an ongoing basis. 

Personal and Career development is the reason most people take our Master Recycler Training Class. So we worked with other programs across the state to create a course  that is  On-line, Any time
Recycling 101, an Oregon State University on-line certificate course gives an in-depth look at waste and recycling in Oregon.

Education Services for Schools and Groups
Free tours, classroom education services, resources, and ideas

Composting turns garbage in to gardeners gold
Beautifully filmed video lesson on composting featuring Food For Lane County's Grassroots Garden

Discounts on Compost Bins!
Local resources and information about composting at home

Multifamily Recycling
Learn about who does what for apartment recycling in Lane County

Alternative Reuse
What to do when donation centers don't want it