Lane County Courthouse

Lane County is in the process of planning, designing and constructing a new County Courthouse to replace the current building, which was constructed nearly 60 years ago.

Studies of the current building have documented safety, health and functionality issues that continue to grow with time. The design of the building fails to provide adequate ability to ensure the safety of patrons in a number of ways. Among the most significant issues are the daily security risks posed by inmates sharing the same elevators or corridors with judges, staff and the public. Upgrades to address the current issues, including HVAC and electrical, are typically either infeasible due to the limited confines of the building or prohibitively expensive given the building’s current condition.

This webpage will provide one-stop access to information, updates and reports regarding the status of the County's Courthouse project. Please see the links below for detailed information.

Project Principles:

  • Accountability: The project team is committed to accountability through clearly defined project performance measures, including scope, schedule and cost.

  • Collaboration: The project team is committed to coordinating with key stakeholders and establishing strong relationships with project partners to leverage shared interests and the common good for the community.

  • Transparency: The project team is committed to an open and public process with an emphasis on public outreach and engagement.

  • Stewardship: The project team is committed to a shared vision that provides significant value to the community for generations to come, through efficient use of public spaces, enhanced access to quality services and responsible management of taxpayer resources.