Voting Your Ballot

Voting Your Ballot 

Carefully read and follow all instructions printed on your ballot. Use a pen with blue or black ink.
To ensure your vote counts, completely fill in the oval to the left of your choice:
Fill in the oval

To write-in a candidate:
1.  Clearly print candidate's name on the line provided on the ballot.
2.  Fill in the oval next to the name you write-in.
You must do both for your vote to be counted!
Fill in the oval and write in name

Check your ballot carefully!  Make sure you have completely filled in the ovals next to your choices. The ballot may have contents printed on front and back.  You do not have to vote on all contests; those you do vote on will count.  You cannot change your vote once you have returned your ballot.
An overvote occurs when you vote for more candidates than allowed or you vote both Yes and No on a measure.  If you overvote, your vote will not count for that candidate or measure.

Overvote will not count

If you overvote or make a mistake on your ballot, contact Lane County Elections to request a replacement ballot.

To ensure that your vote can be counted: 
  • You must sign the return identification envelope that has your name and current residence address.
  • Your signature must match your voter registration signature. Printing is not a signature unless that is how you sign legal documents.
  • If your signature has changed or you are having difficulty signing, please call Lane County Elections and ask for assistance.
  • Return your ballot enclosed in your signed return identification envelope.

Track the progress of your ballot by signing up for Ballot Trax; or check the status of your ballot online by visiting the My Vote website.