Lane County Plastics Round-up

Thanks to a community that cares and awful lot, 

Sunday's event served 960 cars, representing aprox. 1200 households with plastics to recycle.   The 52 ft. trailer was filled and a total of 2.79 tons of good plastic was sent for recycling.  

We cannot say yet if another collection event is possible.  It very much depends upon Denton Plastics. If they report back that the quality of sort and cleanliness was adequate and they will buy from us, we will be considering how to best collect.   

* * *  Until then,  be sure to check Lane County's Garbage Guru to learn if something is recyclable * * *

Lane County held its first FREE Plastics Round-up on Sunday, September 30th, 2018. 
10:00 am - 2:00 pm  at the Glenwood Transfer Station.   3100 E 17th Ave. Eugene, 97403
People carpooled with others to reduce traffic jams and air pollution.

We  collected #2, #4 and #5 tubs, jugs, bottles, lids and beverage handles. 

  Tubsbottlejugslids and handles
 All materials brought to this event had to be clearly stamped with a resin code (number inside chasing arrows) of #2, #4 or #5 and had to be separated into the shape descriptions listed above.  No other plastic types will be collected at this event. 

All items had to be washed clean, and  all labels not printed on the container removed.

Some examples of ACCEPTED items:

#2 and #5 yogurt tubs and #4 yogurt lids  (separated into three categories)
#5  Dairy and cottage cheese tub (not the lid because it is not marked)

Some examples of EXCLUDED items:

Arizona tea jug marked both #5 AND #7
Coffee Mate bottle #1

Why a Round-up?

Recent disruptions to international recycling markets has driven changes in the collection of mixed recycling (aka curbside commingled recycling) systems in Lane County.  Some communities have had to prohibit plastics in order to ensure that sorting facilities can produce a marketable paper commodity for re-manufacture.  

Lane County and its partners are developing strategies to maintain recycling collection for the plastics that can be successfully recycled in the Pacific Northwest.  The key to successful recycling is to ensure each commodity type is uncontaminated by other plastics or debris of any kind.   

Interested in volunteering for this event?  Contact Kelly Bell at 541-682-2059 or

For additional information, contact: