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Parks & Open Space Master Plan

Get involved! 
With more than 70 Lane County parks, we need your help to create a comprehensive park and open space system for all of Lane County. Please help us by getting involved.

Thank you to all those that participated in our survey or in our 7 community workshops across the county!  We will take your comments to help shape the future of Lane County Parks.

As the process progresses, there will be more opportunities to share your insights:


  • Meetings 
  • An online comment form
  • Open houses 
  • A Draft Plan Review form
  • Public Hearings
  • Lane County Facebook updates 

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Our Promise to You

Efforts to refine the Master Plan are anticipated to continue until early fall 2017. This phase of the project is built around the following engagement goals:
  • We will keep residents informed and simplify opportunities for community involvement. 
  • We will engage residents, Task Force members and County advisory groups and park users in Master Plan decision-making. 
  • We will build on the community insights and information already collected. 
  • We will assemble and communicate community priorities and use those priorities to guide Master Plan recommendations and our future vision for services. 
  • We will work together to foster long term support for Lane County parks and open space by developing a Master Plan that is practical yet farsighted. 

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 Background Information

Through an ongoing effort, Lane County has been in the process of updating our Parks & Open Space Master Plan. A great deal of information was collected and presented in a August 2015 Draft Master Plan. Many residents and stakeholders provided valuable comments and insights on this preliminary draft. Building on this foundation of information, we are launching another phase in the planning process to involve residents, a project Task Force and other advisory groups in identifying best practices and the community’s vision and goals for the parks system.

August 2015 Draft


Task Force
The County created a Task Force of engaged volunteers
with interests in many different topics related to Lane County Parks.     

      Click here for the Task Force web page             
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Document Library

As the Parks Master Plan Task Force works, the reference materials they use will be posted on the link below. New information will be posted throughout the project.

Parks Master Plan Task Force Document Library

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