2013 One Night Homeless Count

1,751 people were counted in Lane County during the 2013 One Night Homeless Count.
This number includes homeless community members who were counted on the streets, under bridges, in parks, at food pantries, day access centers, churches, emergency shelters, transitional housing, and other locations on January 30, 2013.  Approximately 100 staff and volunteers from 22 organizations counted homeless people this year.  Of the 1,751 people counted:

  • 1,102 men, women and children were without shelter
  • 261 individuals were living in Transitional Shelter
  • 388 individuals were staying in Emergency Shelter    
  • Total: 1,751 individuals counted in 1,470 households

Highlights included:

  • 108 homeless households with children: 347 homeless people (of those, 25 households with 80 individuals were unsheltered)
  • 229 homeless veterans (of those, 151 unsheltered)
  • 415 chronically homeless people (of those, 275 unsheltered)

Homelessness - A Bigger Picture:

  • 10,857 individuals who were homeless sought social services through Lane County Human Services Commission funded programs during calendar year 2012.
  • 711 unduplicated individuals were served at the Egan Warming Center during 9 nights of extreme weather at six faith-based sites during the 2012-2013 winter season.
  • 2,262 homeless students attended public school in Lane County during the 2011-12 school year Oregon Department of Education). 

Cost of Homelessness (updated Spring, 2013 Lane County Human Services Division):

  • Homelessness affects all Lane County residents because people without shelter require costly support services:
  • $420 average cost of a visit to the Sacred Heart Hospital Emergency Room at RiverBend. 
  • $865 average daily cost of care at the Johnson Unit, Sacred Heart’s acute psychiatric care facility, where the average stay is 9 days.
  • $237 daily cost of in-patient detoxification services at Willamette Family Treatment's Buckley Center.
  • $234 daily cost for “housing” per inmate day at the Lane County jail.
  • $75 daily cost at the Springfield Jail.

2013 Homelessness Highlights:

  • 1,751 people counted (unsheltered and sheltered).
  • 1,102 unsheltered people (camping, living in cars, bridges)
  • 649 unsheltered people
  • 108 homeless families (25 households unsheltered)
  • 415 chronically homeless people, with a disabling condition (270 unsheltered)
  • 229 homeless veterans (151 unsheltered)
  • 164 domestic violence victims (reported DV in the past year, 96 unsheltered)
  • 202 severely mentally ill (149 unsheltered) 

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