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Tobacco Prevention Coordinator
Christy Inskip, MPH, CHES

Tobacco Prevention and Education Program 

General Information

In 1996 Oregonians passed Ballot Measure 44, raising the cigarette tax and appropriating 3 cents of this tax to establish a statewide tobacco prevention and education program.  The Oregon Health Authority oversees this program which provides funding to all county health departments.  For over a decade, now, the Public Health Chronic Disease Prevention team has been educating the general public about tobacco, the leading preventable cause of death, and mobilizing community partnerships to advocate for the passage of public health policies and systems changes that support community health by reducing tobacco use and secondhand smoke exposure.

Lane County Tobacco Prevention and Education Goals

  • Eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke
  • Prevent youth from initiating tobacco use
  • Identify and eliminate tobacco-related disparities in all populations 
  • Help Smokers Quit
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Improving Community Health

Oregon’s investment in Tobacco Prevention is paying off, both locally and statewide

Lane County



Adult Smokers



Women who smoked during Pregnancy



11th graders who smoke



8th graders who smoke




47% of Lane County smokers made a quit attempt in 2010.  

State of Oregon
  •  70% of Oregon adult smokers report they are interested in quitting. 
  •  The Oregon Clean Indoor Air Act passed in 2007 and was implemented in 2009, protecting all workers (with few exceptions) from secondhand smoke exposure in the workplace.  
  • Per capita cigarette consumption has decreased 48% from 1996 to 2009.

Smokefree Workplace Laws

Smokefree Places & Events

Resources to Help you Quit 

Oregon Tobacco Quit Line

 Online Quit Resources

Health Consequences

Secondhand Smoke

Further Information

Advocacy Organizations

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Christy Inskip, MPH, CHES
Program Coordinator, Tobacco Prevention & Education
(541) 682-8770