Think Zero Waste

Additional resources for creating a Zero Waste Event

For Springfield Summerfest, Willamalane created this great list of suggestions:
Willamalane Vendor Letter

In order to make sure all vendors and staff working the event knew how to use recycling options, Tracktown'12 Olympic Trials delivered instructions to vendors
and this picture guide to all vendor sites was used in '08

Other resources for planning your zero waste event:

Sample Food Vendor Guidlines

Sample Guide for Volunteers

Event Recycling Checklist

Green Events Guide, 2006

Portland's Metro Event Recycling Guide, 2001

Rural Communities Event Recycling Guide, 2006

Food Waste Diversion Guide, 2010

Effective Signs are important to help event guests know what to recycle.

Click here to view the wide variety of signs used by various events then decide what’s right for your event. More
Sample Signs

Event Recycling Bins and Durable Dishware Program 

Biodegradable, Compostable 


Confusion is mounting


County staff presented a primer on the issues

facing our local area.  
Click to view  
for further questions, contact:
waste reduction specialist

Take your event to the next level! Start recycling, add composting and aim for Zero Waste!

Lane County Waste Management, in partnership with the City of Eugene, offers Blue Recycle bins and Green Compost bins to events that wish to recycle but do not have the equipment.

By making sure a recycle bin is placed next to each and every garbage can, capturing valuable aluminum cans and plastic bottles is easy. Just call to reserve the bins, (bins are available first come first serve) Be sure to discuss and arrange it with the events garbage company; many can pick up recycling for no extra fee.Event recycling Tips.

For composting and other Zero Waste efforts, a green team and/or preplanning is needed to identify/require use of biodegradable food service ware and arrange for material delivery to a commercial compost company (phone consultation and guidance can be provided).

If you are aiming to compost food service materials like cups, plates and utensils, BEWARE OF BIODEGRADEABLES--not all that claim to be biodegradable are successfully compostable. click here for a quick primer on this issue,  and ALWAYS be sure the commercial composter that will recieve your materials will accept it, before you make the purchase.  

Rental Form for Recycling and Compost Bins

• Bin signs are bilingual and adaptable to each event with a place to post examples.

• Clear bags make it easy to see and remove misplaced items.

• On windy days, many forms of weight can be used, milk jugs filled with water, concrete pavers, or sand bags.

Recycle and compost bins rental form

Event Recycling Service Providers:
Check out these new companies that can help your event go green!
Elysium Events sustainable solutions
Waste Free Oregon at

Reusable Dishware Program
To educate the community and demonstrate how easy it is to shift away from disposable events—Master Recycers have developed a durable Picnic set for 100. 4 sets of 25 plates, bowls, silverware, cloth napkins, coffee cups, and tumblers are available on first come first serve basis. 

Dishware rental form

Many local companies offer dishware rentals
Check your local phone book under "rental" or "Party supplies".

For more information and to borrow Recycle Bins, Compost Bins, or Reusable Dishware Sets contact:
Lane County Public Works Waste Management Division,, 541-682-2059
or, 541-682-4339

Our location: 3100 E 17th Ave. Eugene OR  97403