About Us - Divisions and History

Sheriff's Office Badge
The Sheriff's Office has four divisions.    Contact us

Office of the Sheriff - Sheriff Byron Trapp

 Sheriff Trapp

  Administrative Division

  • Dispatch
  • Fiscal
  • Jail Records
  • Office of Professional Standards
  • Police Records
  • Property and Evidence


 Chief Deputy Lt. Brown SSM Hill
     Chief Deputy Harrold              Admin Lt. Brown              Support Services Mgr. Hill

Corrections Division

  • Jail Security
  • Community Corrections Center
  • Defender/Offender Management Center
  • Electronic Surveillance Program
  • Sheriff's Work Crew        

Captain Riley Lt. French Lt. Halvorson
            Captain Riley                     Security Lt. French                         Lt. Halvorson

 Police Services Division    
  • Civil 
  • Contract Services
    • Bureau of Land Management
    • City of Creswell
    • Dunes
    • Marine
    • City of Veneta
  • Criminal Investigation Section
  • Inmate Transport
  • Main Office Patrol

           Captain Doyle Lt. Wilkerson
                   Captain Doyle                    Lieutenant Wilkerson