Food & Beverage Sector

Lane County is home to over 138 food and beverage companies, which employ over 3,300 people.   This sector brings in over $131 million dollars in wages to the area.  The Food and Beverage Sector in Lane County is projected to grow by 444 additional jobs by the year 2024 for a 13.2% growth rate.  An additional 843 jobs will need to be replaced by that time.

In 2015, the Lane County average annual wage in the Food and Beverage Sector was $42,293 compared to $40,802 for all industries. Educational requirements for the Food and Beverage Sector are relatively low. Nine out of the 10 of the largest occupations require a high school diploma or less, yet employers in the industry report having difficulty hiring and keeping workers.

Lane County Food and Beverage Collaborative Strategic Plan-June 2016.pdf

Lane County Food and Beverage Update March 2018.pdf