FEMA Coastal Floodplain Map Update

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries (DOGAMI) have created new flood maps (Flood Insurance Rate Maps, FIRMs) along the coastal areas of Lane County. The purpose of this page is to share information about this project. All documents and other materials related to this project will be posted as they are available.


The Lane County Planning Commission (LCPC) will hold a public hearing on the FEMA map changes on February 4, 2020 at the Florence Events Center. A notice was mailed (see notice and information about the hearing below link) to all property owners with property located within the Specific Flood Hazard Area informing the public of the hearing and how to participate. The LCPC will make a recommendation to the Lane County Board of Commissioners (BCC). The BCC will hold another public hearing estimated in April 2020.

Why are the maps being updated?

The State of Oregon identified the State’s coastal areas as a priority for FEMA’s map update program. The last update for these maps occurred in 1999. More accurate data and technology was used to help identify areas with potential for flooding that could put both lives and property at risk during storms and flood events. This resulted in changes to the FIRMs. See the project background and milestones timeline graphic here.

Proposed Floodplain Draft Code Changes:

As a result of the FIRM map changes new floodplain development regulations will need to be adopted for the Coastal High Hazards Areas in the V and VE zones. Coastal High Hazard areas include the area extending from offshore to the inland limit of a primary frontal dune and any other areas subject to high velocity wave action. The coastal development regulations are intended to improve the chance of a home to safely weather a storm event. See the proposed draft floodplain code language by clicking here. Additionally, you may visit FEMA's website for more information about the Coastal Flood Risk study process by clicking here.

Previous Activity:

FEMA, Lane County, and State officials met in 2012 to begin the discovery and scoping portions of project. FEMA and DOGAMI began preparing the coastal map modeling and the preliminary maps were published March 29, 2018. On September 18, 2018, FEMA, Lane County, City (Florence and Dunes City) staff, and other stakeholders held a public open house meeting at the Florence Events Center. The County mailed invitational letters to the owners of property located within the Special Flood Hazard area, informing them of the public open house. The 90-day appeal period for the federal process occurred December 2018 thru March 2019 / January 2019 thru April 2019. You can review FEMA's Notice of Appeal Criteria letter here. An appeal was not received, and on December 5, 2019, FEMA issued Lane County’s Letter of Final Determination (LFD). You can review the LFD here. Lane County must now adopt the maps via a public hearings with the Lane County Planning Commission and Lane County Board of Commission. The effective date of the new Coastal floodplain maps is June 5, 2020.

Lane County Planning Commission Public Hearing Staff Report: Available here.

How to submit comments:
Written comments will be accepted until the close of the public hearing on February 4, 2020. Written comments should be directed to the staff contact listed below prior to the hearing. Oral statements and testimony may be given at the public hearing.

Staff Representative:

Deanna Wright, Associate Planner, CFM
Lane County Land Management Division
3050 North Delta Highway Eugene, OR. 97408
[email protected] 

Planner-on-Duty Voicemail Line: 541-682-3577

Project Materials:

Presentation Slides from the Feb. 4, 2020 Lane County Planning Commission Public Hearing

Ballot Measure 56 Notice mailed to property owners regarding the Lane County Planning Commission hearing on Feb. 4, 2020

View the Floodplain Bulletin mailed to property owners in the floodplain

Open House meeting recap letter for meeting held on Sept. 18, 2018 at the Florence Events Center

Presentation Slides from the Sept. 18, 2018 Open House meeting

View the Maps:

Use the FEMA GeoPlatform to view the new flood maps for Coastal Lane County.


  • The Flood Map Comparison is available here: http://arcg.is/yqiPy. This viewer provides a slider tool where the left panel displays current flood mapping and the right panel displays preliminary flood mapping.
  • The Supplemental Risk MAP Product Viewer is available here:http://arcg.is/14mjy5. This viewer provides changes since the last flood map, water surface elevations, and flood depths.


Below are the new preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMs) for Coastal Lane County. First check the Index Map to determine which panel your property is located within. Then find the corresponding FIRM in the list below.

FIRM Index Map
FIRM Map 0025G
FIRM Map 0420G
FIRM Map 0430G

FIRM Map 0450G
FIRM Map 0465G
FIRM Map 0470G

FIRM Map 0917G
FIRM Map 0919G
FIRM Map 0925G
FIRM Map 0938G
FIRM Map 0939G
FIRM Map 0940G
FIRM Map 0945G
FIRM Map 0950G
FIRM Map 0955G
FIRM Map 0960G
FIRM Map 0965G
FIRM Map 0970G
FIRM Map 0980G
FIRM Map 0990G
FIRM Map 0995G
FIRM Map 1425G
FIRM Map 1426G
FIRM Map 1427G
FIRM Map 1428G
FIRM Map 1429G
FIRM Map 1435G
FIRM Map 1440G
FIRM Map 1445G
FIRM Map 1455G
FIRM Map 1465G
FIRM Map 1910G
FIRM Map 1930G
FIRM Map 1935G
FIRM Map 1955G