School Bus Stop No Spray Areas

Lane County would like to provide the opportunity for parents and guardians to enroll their child's bus stop or property's right-of-way along county roadways into our No Spray Area Program. The county has been approved for a limited-use herbicide program focusing on overgrown guardrails and control for noxious weed species. We are trying to spread word of our program as we strive to continue to be good neighbors and a positive role model for environmental stewardship.

While Lane County continues to rely on mechanical and manual methods of vegetation control along our roadsides, there may be limited instances when herbicide use becomes necessary. Once enrolled, county road crews will maintain a 200 ft buffer to your child's bus stop where no herbicides will be applied (this can be a driveway or road intersection). Your information will be entered into a county database for crews using GPS enabled devices to ensure accuracy while in the field.

Who Can Apply
Please note that the No Spray Area Program only applies to Lane County residents not living within any city limits
  • properties or bus stops must be on county maintained roadways
  • you must be a parent/guardian of a Lane county school bus rider to enroll a bus stop

How to Enroll
Please follow the link for the No Spray Area application. Simply provide the physical address of the bus stop if at a driveway or provide a description (for example, intersection of XXX St. and YYY Ave.). Be sure to include city and zip code of the bus stop location and select 'bus stop' as your reason. Don't forget your mailing address so renewal letters can be sent upon expiration. For bus stop descriptions, no taxlot number is needed.

Each enrollment period is good for three years, the first being January 2018 - December 2020. Upon expiration, re-enrollment will be required to maintain this No Spray Area for as long as you have children using the bus stop. At the end of each period, program staff will mail renewal reminder letters to current applicants.

Applicants may also call 541-682-8521 with any questions and to request a paper application through the mail.

Please visit our Integrated Vegetation Management page to learn more about how Lane County maintains our roadways. Our Spray Reports page includes notifications and monthly reports.