Applications and Permits

This page provides links to information needed to enjoy our parks and do business with us. 

Parking Passes

If you wish to purchase a Senior or Veteran Pass please email [email protected] to provide documention. We also sell passes at a number of vendors throughout Lane County, follow this link to learn more: Parking Pass Information

For more information about Interagency Passes, and other recreation provider passes in the area visit the Travel Lane County website to learn more. 

Special Use Permit Application is needed 
To rent shelters in Armitage Park, Baker Bay, Richardson, Hendricks Bridge and other park locations, 

To host small events such as weddings, family reunions, race events, celebrations of life and day camps in Lane County Parks,
To harvest firewood,
To rent covered bridges; Currin, Dorena & Stewart. 

Concession Services Application
*we are not accepting applications at this time. 

Park Host Application 
As representatives of Lane County Parks, Campsite Hosts are indispensable to the success of Lane County park operations and provide support for park guests, staff and the parks. 

Metal Detecting Permit
Metal detecting permits are accepted online along with a copy of photo ID to [email protected] 
Please note: Any copy of your picture ID will not be kept on file and is for verification purposes only.  A copy of the approved permit or reason for denial will be sent within 10 business days. 

Special Event/Large Event Application
Use for concerts, festivals, retail events, marathons, biking, boating & trailway useage. Larger than 1,000 expected participants only. Smaller events, use Special Use Permit Application above. 

Insurance Requirements for Events

Memorial Guidelines 
The Memorial program has been suspended until further notice.

Surplus Properties for Sale
There are no surplus properties for sale at this time.