Climate Advisory Committee


The next Climate Advisory Committee meeting is scheduled for June 1st from 2-4 PM. The public is welcome to observe and submit questions and feedback via the chat function.  Additionally,  the CAC will invite public testimony up to 3 minutes a person. Meeting registration here.

(The CAC will now be meeting from 2-4 PM on the first Wednesday of each month)
Climate Advisory Committee Meeting

 June 1st, 2-4 PM
Registration available here.

The purpose of the Climate Action Advisory Committee is to advise the Lane County Board of Commissioners (Board) on policy decisions regarding climate change. The CAC may provide input to the Board on agenda items or may propose new policy directives.

The CAC is charged to assist the County in developing the County’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) and implement actions to meet Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions targets.  



In February 2020 the Lane County Board of Commissioners passed a resolution that ordered the following actions:

  1. Conduct a greenhouse gas emissions inventory and develop an internal plan(Climate Action Plan - Phase 1) for County operations to establish greenhouse gas reduction targets and implementation plans to meet County targets; and
  2. Develop a comprehensive countywide plan (Climate Action Plan - Phase 2) with community engagement to outline aggressive goals and strategies, aligned in partnership with local cities climate actions, to establish countywide community targets and high priority areas of action; and
  3. Develop a resiliency plan (Climate Action Plan - Phase 3) to identify adaptation strategies to mitigate the risks and impacts of climate change anticipated for Lane County; and
  4. Develop Action Initiatives supporting green jobs, clean energy projects, and climate-friendly industries in Lane County; and
  5. Provide open and transparent public communications to monitor and evaluate progress toward climate action goals; and
  6. Establish a Climate Advisory Committee to provide recommendations and advise the Board of Commissioners on the County's ongoing climate action work.

In addition, the Board acknowledged the Declaration on Human Rights and Climate Change and endorsed the principles contain therein as developed by the Global Network for the Study of Human Rights and the Environment.

Recognizing part six of the resolution the Climate Advisory Committee (CAC) has been formed in response.

Subcommittee Meetings

Forestry-Related Subcommittee
The last meeting was scheduled for October 13th.

Draft Forestry proposal 
Revised Forestry Proposal
Meeting Recording
Contact Information
Mark Nystrom, Lane County Climate Strategist

Waste Management Division 
3100 E. 17th Ave.
Eugene, OR 97403