Lane County celebrates completion of massive improvement project on Territorial Highway

Lane County celebrates completion of massive improvement project on Territorial Highway
Posted on 11/09/2021

Lane County Public Works celebrated the completion of the Stony Point Realignment Project on Territorial Highway yesterday by inviting community members to the Lorane Grange for an update.


The project improved road safety on Territorial Highway between Gillespie Corners and the community of Lorane by stabilizing three landslides at Stony Point, softening the sharp curves of the road, adding shoulders to accommodate people biking, and paving the road. Work began in June 2020 and continued over two construction seasons. 


“We are so proud that – after years of working with the community and neighbors – the Stony Point area is now stable and much safer for all road users,” said Lane County Engineer Peggy Keppler. “This was the largest road building project that Lane County has taken on in decades and it was truly a community effort.” 


During the project, 70,000 cubic yards of earth were moved, including 20,000 cubic yards of unusable soil from the landslide areas. A total of 44 40-foot-long steel piles were driven 40 feet into the ground to help stabilize slope. Most of the unusable soil was relocated, by agreement, to neighboring properties, and quality soil was sourced from nearby areas to reduce the number of heavy truck trips related to the project by at least 20,000. 



The project also used:

  • 4,400 tons of asphalt
  • 17,000 tons of aggregate base (for the road)
  • 34,000 square feet of wire and rock facing material
  • 110,000 square yards of technical fabric


Territorial Highway Background:

The 42-mile stretch of Territorial Highway located within Lane County’s boundaries, with the exception of the portion that is also Highway 36, was transferred from the Oregon Department of Transportation to Lane County in 2019.