Training Programs

Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act  (WIOA) Scholarship:  The purpose of the WIOA Scholarship is to help residents of Lane County earn updated, in-demand skills through short-term certification programs or assistance with the final year of a two-year degree.  This is a scholarship reimbursement program for up to $4,500 with possible support funds.  Please read the instructions for this competitive process. There are steps you can take now to prepare.

For more information, please call or email us at 541-686-7985 /

JOBS Program:  The Lane County JOBS Program, through Oregon DHS, provides short-term vocational training at no cost for eligible TANF recipients. 

  • Training Programs are short-term, 18 months or less.
  • Schools / Training Providers are local and online.
  • Trainings result in industry recognized certificates.
  • Train for jobs currently needed and available throughout Lane County.

For more information, click on the flier below, contact your Family Coach, or contact Anya Samora directly at 541-735-0721.

JOBS VT Flier.pdf
Vocational Training

Food for Lane County STEP Program:  Provides basic skills for careers in warehouse operations. The warehouse training program combines hands-on training in a large warehouse that processes, stores, and distributes both dry and perishable food products. Students will be involved in the receipting, storage, and distribution of up to eight million pounds of food per year for people with low or no income.  Learn more HERE.

Lane County Community College Career Pathways:  The Career Pathways Department is dedicated to serving students and community members pursuing short-term, workforce-based training. We support dislocated workers, GED students, English Language Learners, and many other individuals wishing to develop technical skills and improve their employment opportunities.  Learn MORE.