Climate Action Plan Phase 2: Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory

The first stage of our Climate Action Plan (CAP) is a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emission inventory. This inventory, finalized in March of 2021, sets a baseline for us to build the rest of our climate strategy around. Some of the high-level findings of this inventory are:
  • During 2019, Lane County’s local emissions totaled over 4.2 Million Metric Tons of carbon dioxide equivalent (MT CO2e). The largest sectors were transportation (primarily diesel and gasoline combustion, 66% of local total) and energy use by buildings (natural gas and electricity use, 21%). Smaller local sources of emissions included agricultural animal emissions (5%), refrigerant loss and industrial processes (4%), and waste disposal (4%).
  •  Imported emissions from household consumption in Lane County and production of fuel and energy sold in Lane County totaled over 3.6 million MT CO2e and include emissions from upstream fuel production (34%), production of goods (31%), food (29%), and air travel (6%).
  • Forest growth and purchased carbon offsets sequestered over 3.5 million MT CO2e.
The whole Community Greenhouse Gas Inventory is available here.
Contact Information
Mark Nystrom
Lane County Climate Strategist

Cody Kleinsmith
Climate Resilience Analyst