Climate Action Plan Phase 1: Internal Operations Plan

An area where Lane County can have the most direct impact is within our own operations. Using our Operational Greenhouse Gas Inventory, we have identified numerous actions as ways Lane County can reduce emissions associated with County operations. A summary of the proposed actions can be found below, as well as the entire Internal Operations Plan.

 Facilities (Natural Gas and Electricity Use)
  • Purchase 100% renewable energy.
  • Purchase carbon offsets for natural gas use.
  • Commission further study on options to include:
    • Lane County Courthouse replacement for electrification and efficiency.
    • Electrification of existing gas heating systems.
    • Re-commissioning natural gas heating systems.
 Fleet (Owned Vehicles)
  • Use 100% renewable diesel.
  • Procure additional electric vehicles.
  • Construct leachate pipeline to avoid truck transport.
 Supply Chain
  • Use of low-impact asphalt (30% reclaimed material substitution).
  • Use of low-impact concrete (30% reclaimed material substitution).
Landfill Emissions
  • Construct anaerobic digestion system at Short Mountain Landfill to process organic waste.
  • Increase landfill gas collection efficiency by 15%.
Other Agency Wide
  • Create telecommuting and mode-shift options for staff.

To view the details and impact of these actions, you can read the full Internal Operations Plan here.




          Contact Information
          Mark Nystrom
          Lane County Climate Strategist

          Cody Kleinsmith
          Climate Resilience Analyst