Climate Action Plan Phase 1: Internal Operations Plan

Climate Action Plan Phase 1 Update

The 2021 Lane County Climate Action Plan Operational Greenhouse Gas Inventory is now available here. This is Lane County’s second operational greenhouse gas inventory and reflects the efforts of the county to reduce emissions.

In FY21, Lane County operations generated an estimated 4,638 MT CO2e of scope 1 and 2 emissions when excluding non-operational landfilled waste emissions, and a total of 163,521 MT CO2e when landfill emissions are included (a reduction of 44% and 10% since FY19, respectively).

When also including scope 3 emissions from the supply chain & business travel, employee commute, and upstream energy production, this total increases by an additional 42,059 MT CO2e.

This is an estimated total of 205,580 MT CO2e for all direct and indirect activities for the fiscal year (a reduction of 4% since FY19).

It must be noted that this inventory was conducted for a year that was highly unusual due to the ongoing COVID pandemic. It is difficult to estimate exactly what impacts COVID had on operational emissions. The trends noted in this document are therefore uncertain and Lane County will not know the true impacts until later inventories are conducted.

Lane County Operations GHG Goals and Targets

An area where Lane County can have the most direct impact is within its operations. Using the 2019 Operational Greenhouse Gas Inventory, the county identified numerous actions as ways Lane County can reduce emissions associated with County operations. A summary of the proposed actions can be found below, as well as the entire Internal Operations Plan. The Board of Commissioners updated the County operations carbon-neutrality goal to 2040 in April, 2022. This goal is aligned with the Phase 2 CAP--the Community Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Plan.

 Facilities (Natural Gas and Electricity Use)
  • Purchase 100% renewable energy.
  • Purchase carbon offsets for natural gas use.
  • Commission further study on options to include:
    • Lane County Courthouse replacement for electrification and efficiency.
    • Electrification of existing gas heating systems.
    • Re-commissioning natural gas heating systems.
 Fleet (Owned Vehicles)
  • Use 100% renewable diesel.
  • Procure additional electric vehicles.
  • Construct leachate pipeline to avoid truck transport.
 Supply Chain
  • Use of low-impact asphalt (30% reclaimed material substitution).
  • Use of low-impact concrete (30% reclaimed material substitution).
Landfill Emissions
  • Construct anaerobic digestion system at Short Mountain Landfill to process organic waste.
  • Increase landfill gas collection efficiency by 15%.
Other Agency Wide
  • Create telecommuting and mode-shift options for staff.

To view the details and impact of these actions, you can read the full Internal Operations Plan here.




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