Climate Action Plan Phase 2: Community Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Plan

The second phase of the Climate Action Plan is our Draft Community Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Action Plan. This draft plan, completed in November of 2021, evaluated the most significant sources of emissions and developed actions to address those emissions. It serves as a roadmap for ways Lane County and our communities within it can reduce our greenhouse gas (GHG) emission levels.

This plan generally follows high-impact practices (HIPs) that have been globally recognized to provide the biggest reduction in GHG emissions. Other sources of input include a community engagement campaign, recommendations from our Climate Advisory Committee, and meetings with stakeholder groups and county-wide local governments.

The strategies are organized into three categories, those related to transportation, those related to energy consumption, and those related to food, goods, and services. The 11 Cool Solutions strategies can mitigate nearly 75% of the county's emissions by 2040 with existing technology levels, with the remaining 25% requiring new technological advancements. If fully implemented along the goal timelines, by 2040 these strategies have the potential to mitigate:

 Strategy (Strategy Identifier Code)  Total emissions reduction potential, cumulative through 2040 (MMT - million metric tons
Electric Vehicles (EV)  15.4 MMT
 Renewable R99 Diesel (RD)  12.5 MMT
 Electric Grid Decarbonization (GD)  3.6 MMT
 Residential Appliance Electrification (AC)  1.8 MMT
Edible Food Waste Reduction (FW)  1.3 MMT
 Mass Transit (MT)  0.9 MMT
 Refrigerant Management (RM)  0.8 MMT
 Active Commute and Telecommute (TT)  0.8 MMT
 Anaerobic Digestion (AD)  0.4 MMT
 Energy Efficiency and Conservation (EE)  0.4 MMT
 Natural Gas Infrastructure (NG)  0.4 MMT

After two years of planning, dozens of meetings with stakeholders including utilities, cities, transit districts, community members, and more our first draft Community Mitigation Plan is here. To explore how the above strategies accomplish the goals set forward by our stakeholders as well as other information about our mitigation strategy in Lane County, read the full report here.

Contact Information
Mark Nystrom
Lane County Climate Strategist

Cody Kleinsmith
Climate Resilience Analyst