HIV Prevention Services

HIV Prevention Services

Posted on:2022/03/23 | Entity:HHS | Category:Goods and Services | Type:RFQ

Request for Quotes for the following package of services:

  1. Provision of confidential HIV Testing
  2. Referral of at least 80% of those tested as positive to receive HIV care/treatment
  3. Provision of culturally sensitive and non-stigmatizing services
  4. Condom distribution program
  5. Needle-exchange services
  6. Provision of Evidence-based interventions for HIV-Negative, but High- Risk, populations
  7. nPEP and/or PrEP services, if offered
  8. Counseling
  9. Ability to track all outreach and services and report on same.
  10. Willingness to adhere to program evaluation and/or monitoring by the State
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Closed on 03/30/2022
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