Supervised Parenting Time

What:  Court-ordered, face-to-face contact between a parent and child. All sessions take place within sight and sound of a qualified staff member 

Who:  Parents with a Lane County Circuit Court order for supervised parenting time that names Lane County Youth Services (or Lane County Family Mediation) as the supervised parenting time provider

How:  Both parents first attend separate, in-person orientations 

Cost:  $50 for the supervised parent's orientation and for each parenting time session.* The residential parent is not required to pay any fees unless ordered by the Court. 

Eligible Participants
Lane County Mediation & Restorative Services provides supervised parenting time services to Lane County families with a court order for supervised parenting time. 

Purpose and Focus of Supervised Parenting Time
Supervised parenting time offers parents an opportunity for safe and meaningful contact with their children. Program staff is present at all times to provide sight and sound monitoring. Our playroom is equipped with toys, books, and games to promote the parent-child connection.

Initiating Services & Orienting Process
Prior to beginning supervised parenting time, each parent contacts Mediation & Restorative Services to schedule a separate, in-person orientation. If program openings are available, parenting time can start the week after the second parent attends orientation. If openings are not available, parenting time begins when space permits.

Sessions & Fees

Supervised parenting time sessions are one-hour long. Sessions take place one to three times per week, depending on the court order and program availability. The supervised parent pays $50 for orientation and $50 for each parenting-time session. Parents who participate in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) may qualify for a 50% reduction in fees. Payment may be made by cash, check, or money order.


Residential parents do not pay fees for supervised parenting time.


Court Reports and Testimony 

Mediation & Restorative Services furnishes an Attendance Record upon request from the Court, parents, or their attorneys. The information provided will include the following dates:

  • Orientations
  • Parenting-time sessions (including timeliness of arrival and departure)
  • No-Shows (if either parent did not arrive for the appointment or arrived so late the appointment was cancelled)
  • Cancellations by either parent
  • Cancellations by Mediation & Restorative Services for nonpayment of fees

Mediation & Restorative Services staff does not make recommendations about either parent’s parenting ability, risk level, or mental health status, or about modification of the length of supervised periods. Mediation & Restorative Services staff does not provide written or oral testimony to the Court. 

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