Springfield Restorative Justice

What: A restorative justice youth diversion project

Who: Eligible Springfield youth, persons harmed by youth crime, and community members. Participants are referred to Springfield Restorative Justice by Lane County Youth Services.

How: Responsible Youth (those charged or cited for certain crimes or misdemeanors) and parents/guardians meet with Springfield Restorative Justice staff to determine whether participation in the restorative panel process is appropriate. If appropriate, a Restorative Panel Process is scheduled.

The Restorative Panel Process brings together Responsible Youth, those directly impacted by an incident (if appropriate), local community members, and a professional mediator to determine what can be done to repair harm. Together, panel participants create a “Restorative Action Agreement”.

Following the Restorative Panel Process, Responsible Youth complete the Restorative Action Agreements. Upon completion, Responsible Youth may be eligible for early expungement.

Cost: $30 for the SRJ Restorative Panel Process for each Responsible Youth. *Harmed persons and community members pay no fee.

About: Springfield Restorative Justice is founded in restorative justice principles and focuses on repairing harm. Springfield Restorative Justice balances healing and accountability, and is inclusive of those who cause harm, those directly impacted by harm, and the community.  Springfield Restorative Justice holds youth accountable for their behavior by equipping them to repair harm. The process explores questions such as:

  • What happened?
  • Who was impacted?
  • What were the outcomes of the incident?
  • What can be done to repair harm?

The voices of those impacted by the incident are important in determining how youth can best repair the harms caused by their actions.


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