Lane County provides comprehensive Recycling at all disposal sites, and  most private curbside garbage services also collect recycling. 
Lane County also offers a host of resources and events to encourage citizen, business and community efforts to reduce, reuse and recycling!  Check out our most comprehensive Guide to Recycling in Lane County.

Construction and Demo Recycling Requirements now in Effect
Recycling Requirement in effect at Glenwood and Landfill Sites

Global Recycle Markets Disruption Causing Changes 
County wide updated details on changes to recycling
And here is a 4 min. video that explains why

Personal and Career development in Recycling 
Master Recycler Training Class 
On-line Certificate Course offered by Association of Oregon Recyclers 

Services and Resources for Schools and Groups
Free tours, classroom education services, resources, and ideas

Composting turns garbage in to gardeners gold
Short video lesson on composting at Food For Lane County's Grassroots Garden

Discounts on Compost Bins!
Local resources and information about composting at home

Multifamily Recycling
Learn about who does what for apartment recycling in Lane County

Alternative Reuse
What to do when donation centers don't want it