Lane County Plastics Roundup

The April 7th Plastics Roundup for clean #2, #4 and #5 resin types at the Glenwood Transfer Station collected a full truckload  weighing 3.12 tons. 
One thousand forty-three cars made the trip that day--most delivering for only one household.
Before the event, in order to prevent such car traffic,  150 volunteer community collectors were trained and began collecting in March. They collected another whole truckload. We are inspired and grateful for such a dedicated, caring community.
We will not know if or when another collection will be scheduled until we get word from the plastics recycler that our material was usable. 
Check this space in May and June for updates.  

Many thanks to our Community collectors!  

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Print Poster with Tips
Lane County will ONLY accept #2, #4 and #5 tubs, jugs, bottles, lids and beverage handles that are CLEAN and free of debris ( adhesive labels and shrink wrap labels must be removed). Materials must be sorted into the following five material categories:
#2 bottles & jugs;
#2 tubs & lids;
#2 beverage handles;
#4 bottles, tubs & lids;
#5 bottles, tubs & lids.
Dirty plastic, plastics other than #2, #4 and #5, and items that aren't stamped with a resin identification code will not be accepted. Glued on labels must be removed. See the FAQ document for tips on removing labels.

Why a Roundup?

Recent disruptions to international recycling markets have driven changes in the collection of mixed recycling (curbside commingled recycling) systems in Lane County.  Some communities have had to prohibit plastics in order to ensure that sorting facilities can produce marketable commodities for remanufacture.  

Lane County and its partners are developing strategies to maintain recycling collection for plastics that can successfully be recycled in the Pacific Northwest.  The key to successful recycling is to ensure each resin code is collected separately. The Plastic Roundup allows us to collect the materials our processor, Denton Plastics can use without contamination.

For information about what is recyclable, ask the Garbage Guru. 
For questions email


Resources for Community Collectors

Print and Post -  Outreach Flyer-2up- with tips

Print and Post - Full size Poster 8.5x11- no tips

Bin Labels - 5 categories  with photo 8.5x11 

While community collectors can use anything they choose to collect and transport their plastics in, we can provide some options, such as reused old woven seed  and grain bags. To request this resource, contact:
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