Hazardous Waste

Household Hazardous Waste is accepted free of charge at the Hazardous Waste Collection Center at the Glenwood Transfer Station. Call 541-682-4120 to make an appointment. Collections are scheduled on Thursdays and Saturdays.

The Special Waste Program diverts hazardous wastes from the landfill by offering hazardous waste disposal programs for households and small businesses. Even rural communities are served with mobile collections.
​Special Waste Program staff also screen incoming loads at Lane County sites for hazardous waste and issue permits for special wastes such as asbestos, contaminated soils and difficult materials.

Spec Waste Unloading

What is Household Hazardous Waste?

Many common household products contain hazardous ingredients that can be dangerous to children, pets and others. When they become wastes, these products can pollute ground water and streams if they aren’t properly handled. Common household hazardous wastes include oil-based paints, stains, thinners and strippers, solvents, fuels and other automotive fluids, corrosive cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals, pool chemicals, fluorescent lights, ballasts and car care products. Look at labels for words like Caution, Danger, Flammable, Combustible, Corrosive, Caustic, Warning, Toxic, and Poison. Empty containers and dried latex paint should be thrown into the trash.

Reduce first! Consider avoiding hazardous products in the first place. Try these Alternatives to Household Chemical Products. This saves money and avoids the health hazards related to product production, use and accidents.  Many guides exist and these are a few we've found useful: DEQ's Guide to Disposal and Alternatives and the Grow Smart Garden Guide. Consider making your own Greener Cleaner Kit.

Compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) contain mercury and should not be disposed in the garbage. Residential customers may take CFLs, and fluorescent tubes 4 ft or less, to many local hardware and lighting stores in Lane County for safe disposal. View a PDF brochure with a list of participating stores. Our Household Hazardous Waste appointment program also accepts CFLs and any size of tube from residential customers.

Got Paint?  View disposal options here

TVs, computers, laptops and monitors are banned from Oregon landfills. Free recycling (of 7 or less) is available at these Lane County locations: Glenwood, Cottage Grove, Creswell, Rattlesnake, Marcola, Vida, Veneta, and Florence. For other Lane County locations and more information View other Lane County Locations and more information here.